Google AdSense Fully Operational!

In order to earn a quick buck or wo, I've signed up for Google AdSense. The only problem I have is that for users like me, I can't get Google AdSense to work here. So what can I do?

Fortunately for me, I have my old Blogger account that is still fully-operational albeit with a VERY marked decrease of readers since most of you have moved here to my new home :D. So, I decided to revamp the whole blog and turn it into a vlog/podcast site so that I can upload and share videos and podcasts that I found interesting and love with you guys.

And so, i'm glad to announce that my Google AdSense is now fully operational over at my The Eternal Wanderer's Videos & Podcasts, formerly known as Welcome to the Intimate World of Philip's Mind! May you be entertained and tickled by some of the videos and podcasts that I will upload to that site! Oh, and don't forget to click on those adlinks to help poor, little old me earn a quick buck or two! Think of it as doing me a generous bit of social service. *grins widely*

Of course, please be patient while I do some tinkering here and there as HTML is still a fuzzy, mazy territory for me. But in the mean time, I just hope all of you have been entertained and enjoy what I've been doing so far here in my little corner of the Malaysian Blogosphere.


  1. BQ

    Great concept and idea for a vlog/podcast site! I look forward to more exciting and great stuff from ya! The amazing things that Google does! Google is God of the WWW!

  2. Yo BQ! Thanks a bunch for visiting and supporting me! I’ll try and get some more stuff soon. Keep coming back for more, k? Ciao!

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