I’m so freaked out…

Yeah, so I know it's just a stupid quiz/meme but I'm still quite shocked and scared about the interpretation of my nickname…

The Eternal Wanderer Highway

County Jail 7
TravelWorld 20
Mt. Happiness 67
Lake Love 135
Bog of Eternal Marriage 228
Please Drive Carefully


Where are you on the highway of life?
From Go-Quiz.com

My initial reaction was "Eeeeek!" Then, i let it sink it slowly and went "OH…MY…HEAVENS." And after that, I resolutely said, "God forbid if that should ever, ever happen!"

Then I said to myself, "What the heck am I worrying about? It's just a stupid quiz/meme that I'm supposed to joke around about and have fun with."

Now, I'm laughing. If you're close enough to me to know me very, very personally, I would not hurt a fly…and I'm absolutely against heinous crimes against humanity and animals. The only crime I'd ever commit would probably be for joining a street rally and make a nuisance out of myself for fun in public. 😀 Of course, i don't make it a point to actually do that at all.

Have fun with the quiz yourselves and leave a comment and link to your blog and let's have fun and laugh about it.


  1. Hmmm…. So the naughty boy gets redeemed AND hitched? How about that?

    At least you’ll get to travel the world before you become the family man. 😛

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