It’s Father’s Day

Dad, where ever you are right now…what am I saying… I know you're in Heaven now, watching out for us each and every day. Never a day goes by without each of us here on Earth remembering some of the good times we spent together. 23 years of my life spent with you is just too short to know you better.

And I'm ashamed things had never been rosy when we together, that we had spent more time resenting each other than appreciating each other. I regret that now.

Dad, there are so many things that I wished I had done for you to make your life on Earth a much more happier one and I regret that I had not been a better son than you hope for. I'd give up half my life just to have you with me longer, that I may undo the things that I have done that have hurt you and caused you a lot of pain.

I don't have that chance anymore. But dad, I love you…and I am thankful that we had the opportunity to forgive one another the day before you slipped into unconsciousness and your life slowly ebbed away.

I never thought that I'd missed you so much. It's feels weird not having you around, not having your strong, careful, organised presence in our home. It certainly does feel that the family is not complete anymore, without you. How I wish you could see all of your daughters and son coming together for a reunion one of these days. It's been too long.

I hope that you are enjoying the good life up above, Dad. Please know that I will carry on my duties as your son for as long as I can and that i will defend and honour the name and dignity of this family. I will make you proud, Dad. I know you're cheering me on from your vantage point in Heaven. I'm quite sure that you've personally requested for a mansion in heaven that has the perfect view of this family so that you could be with us through every ups and down moments in spirit.

I love you, dad…and Mom and I misses you so very much. You live on in us and in our memories. Never will we forget your sacrifices and contributions to this family. I will make sure that my future children will know what a great, honourable man you were, that despite all your faults, have always, always been there for the family.

I hope that you have a briliant Father's Day in Heaven – that the God and the angels celebrate with you and the many other fathers up there in Heaven. A grand banquent in the Lord's house will be a fitting celebration and tribute to all the sacrifices and hardships you've had for this family.

You deserve nothing but the best.


  1. Sora

    I’m happy for you in the sense that you were able to find resolution with one another at *just* the right time; imagine the pain you’d feel if you’d not had that chance. And consider this: what better way is there to spend father’s day than with one’s Heavenly Father? Indeed, there is no gift that could top that.

  2. Indeed, Sora! I initially didn’t want to go to Church today because I didn’t want to join in the celebrations my church would be throwing for the dads. I wrestled with the spirit in me who is encouraging me to go as a sign that I have fully, completely moved on.

    I guess I didn’t want to release my dad yet – these past months has been difficult for me emotionally, though my friends and the people around me doesn’t know it – but what my spirit was true, it’s time to move on. Yes, I cried at church today, listening to the moving songs the youths sang in tribute to their dads. But thankfully, some of them offered their support to me. I appreciate them very much.

    So yeah, I guess it’s time to close this chapter of my life – 23 years spent with my earthly father. This chapter has it’s moments of ups and downs, action and drama, but it has finally ended. Time to move on.

  3. Your article brought a tear to my eyes. It is good that you are able to express how you feel today. It is never easy losing someone you love. Nevertheless, I am sure your dad will want you to be happy and live life as if he is always there with you and your mum.
    Your dad is in a better place and no more sufferings for him.
    I lost my brother (36) to diabetes after suffering for many years from a fall when he was 12 and was never the same after recovering from being in a coma for 2 months. I know the sadness we sometimes feel when we think of someone whom we love who’s no longer with us but I then look at the positive side whereby I know that my brother is in a better place.
    I know how you feel and may God bless you.

  4. journeyofadreamer

    I’m sure that both your earthly and Heavenly Dads are really proud of you, buddy. Rock on!!!

  5. Judy: Thank you so much for your moving words of encouragement. I’m so sorry to hear of the lost of your brother at such an early age. Indeed, knowing and believing that our loved ones are now at a better place does make it easier for us to move on.

    Samuel: Thanks pal! 😀

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