Yay, England won 2-0!

Finally, England, though still not their best performance, has finally scored their first goals in the tournament. Despite waiting for 82 minutes before they broke the deadlock, I am sure the result offers a huge relief to all England fans who were praying that England avoid the same fate of the Swedes against the Carribeans, Trinidad & Tobago.

Goals from Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard, both Liverpool players, have certainly given the team and the fans much, much comfort. It was very good that the English coaching staff pressured the manager Sven Goran-Eriksson into making changes and switching tactics and formation (from a traditional 4-4-2 to a more attacking 3-5-2) early in the 2nd half. It's also great to see the English's talismanic striker Wayne Rooney finally back on his feet following weeks of being sidelined due to a broken metatarsal during the Manchester United game against Chelsea.

Kudos too, to Aaron Lennon and Stewart Downing, the other England substitutes who came on to give England a breath of fresh air against the tough, resolute defending of the Socca Warriors.

It was overall a good game, England was very much in command throughout and it was unfortunate that Michael Owen, Crouch and Frank Lampard had so many missed chances to put England ahead. They could have easily wrapped up the game by the first half if it weren't for the way the T&T players protected the penalty area as well as the attentive and quick reflexes of the goalkeeper.

Still, I worry very much about England's next game against the Swedes. Hopefully, Sven will maintain the 3-5-2 formation and throw the players forward as early as possible to ensure that the English control the game. Here's to hoping for a very good England vs. Sweden match in the last group game!


  1. Forget about da match how come the pictures aren’t updated ar?! We got some pics from the exhibition! Can’t wait to upload em:D

  2. Hahaha! Am lazy to upload more new pictures. 😀

  3. LOL! Guess you’re one of the football widows aren’t you, Sharon? Aw, come on – it’s your native country, be a little more supportive! :p

  4. Yeah that was a bad game, the commentators on espn2 said Tri and Tobagano couldn’t hold out for 90 minutes but they held out for 80 which is still impresssive.

  5. Corgan

    The first 80 minutes of that game was shit. Too many bloody easy chances wasted in the first half Have you watch the Argies game? The Cambiasso goal was sublime. The Argies would’ve gang-raped Englund 5 goals to nil if they played last night.

  6. Nathan: Indeed, Tri & Tobago was unfortunate not to have taken something from the game. They defended marvellously and really made the England team sweat!

    Corgan: Oh yeah, dude! That Argentina game was stupendous! I absolutely loved the last two goals scored by Tevez and Messi. Every single goal scored by the Argies has to be candidates for goal of the tournament, definitely the Top 10!

    I am defintely sure that the Argentinians has given other competitors a run for their money. England simply have no chance! And the RRARK (that’s Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Adriano, Robinho & Kaka) of Brazil had better watch out or the Argies will pip them to the title.

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