Ugh, so disappointed with England’s performance!

Seriously, for those of you who've watched last night's game between England and Paraguay, you would've felt the very same annoyance and frustration and also would at one point or another, vent & curse the stoopid manager.

Just what kind of tactics did he think would win England the match? Defensiveness? Yeah, that'd worked because they defended a goal that Paraguay had the misfortune of conceding via one of their own players. This game proves that with Eriksson at the helm, England is going nowhere in front of goal the moment they had scored. 1-0 seems to be the only score that they ever wanted.

A great team is one that works together defensively and attack-minded, you strike a goal, fall back and defend then hit a counter-attack and try to score again. But in yesterday's game, the only person that seems to be willing to do so has been Frank Lampard, my England idol, who deservedly won the Man-of-the-Match award. Lampard simply oozes with skill and his precision with his shots are incredible. Twice he shot directly at the goal, which forces the Paraguayan keeper to make two brilliant saves.

But after that, did anybody else attacked? No. Steven Gerrard wasted chances by shooting high over the bar, Peter Crouch kept getting picked on by the stooopid Mexican referee and Michael Owen obviously looked blur and have yet to recover. Eriksson's substitutes was also uninspiring, Stewart Downing and Owen Hargreaves simply means to fall back and defend!

The whole match was simply a disappointment to me, even though they won. Perform like this again, they stand no chance against other teams who plays fast, flowing, attacking football. Just look at Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden – the two teams played a notch or two better than England. Just like football pundit Shebby Singh said "It was seriously a very, very drab affair and I simply don't see England as future world champions."

The fact is, it is not true – they can be world champions because they have world class players, some of them among the best in their position. But put them under the charge of a stoopid, lame duck manager like Eriksson and they turn into uninspiring performers who are afraid and hesistant to go forward. Plus, they have to STOP relying on David Beckham's set pieces! And Eriksson should just butt out of the rest of England's World Cup and give Steve McClaren the position. He'd probably be tons better than he is.

Let's hope that the next England match, the one they go up against the Caribbean Soccer Warriors – Trinidad & Tobago, will be a much more pulsating and interesting affair. More importantly, I am praying for a goal fest, I mean, come on, after watching Germany's 4-2 win over Costa Rica, I'm addicted to goals… I want more goals to be scored…and hopefully, I get to see Lampard score! Who wouldn't? Even Argentina managed to get two past Ivory Coast!



  1. Sigh, what’s the use of complaining, man?

    The performance is utterly pathetic, even with the gorgeous, winsome Frankie Lampard in it! I tell you, if he wasn’t married and I play for England… *grins wickedly*

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