Testing out something…

I’m testing out a new HTML code that will change the colour of my fonts.

It looks as if it has worked!

That’s good cause now my WordPress posts can now be much more colourful and not as dull as it was before. I mean, how much black fonts can one stand after sometime?

I wonder if it works with specific shades though…

Well, it certainly doesn’t work when you put words such as “light” and “dark” in front of colours red, blue, green and brown, that’s for sure.

Anyways, as long as I got lots of colour choices for my fonts, it’s good enough!

So, yay! I now can have coloured fonts for my posts. Many thanks are in order for my great pal, Naoko! Thanks and arigato!!


  1. Please tell me how it’s done, can or not?

  2. Sora

    Works good for me. The teal on white background is a bit eye-straining, but it is still readable.

    Sora (wonders if Philip is working on little dancing smilies, too)

  3. Sure thing, Lydia! I'm not one who likes to keep things I've learnt from others to myself.

    Just copy and paste the following HTML code when you use the "Edit HTML" button: –

    font color="nameofcolour">writetexthere</font

    Just add < at the front and > at the end to close the whole code.

    Simple as that, Lydia. It works with most name colours, but it will not work for a specific shade such as 'light green' or 'dark blue'. So, I guess it won't work if you add 'light' or 'dark' at the front of the original colour, though it works for 'sky blue'.

    Sora: I haven't tried that actually. But they might work if I save the said smilie as a .gif image and upload it to a photo album and copy the html link and paste it here. Perhaps I will try that out another time.

  4. Yay, yay! I got it! Thanks!!

  5. Ha! took you long enough 😉

  6. Lydia: Hip, hip hooray! 😀

    Tiara: Sheesh! How was I suppose to know then what I know now? 😀

  7. opit

    I see you have been at this for a while and have picked up a nice group of net friends. The colour options are one more tool in the bag ; rather neat.
    ( Not to sound grumpy, small pick on word choice on blog signout at blogspot. Suggest you check out the word “prolific”.)

  8. Greetings, Opit! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment. I've always enjoyed welcoming and making new friends over the Net and for more readers/participants at my blog. The more the merrier as they always say.

    Ah, I see what you meant. "Proficient" should be changed to "Prolific". Thanks for pointing that out. I must've got confused with the two words.

  9. Philip, could you pls help point your readers to my blog? I need a title for my new book. Details in my blog : http://lydiateh.wordpress.com/


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