England vs. Paraguay!!


For those of you who tuned into last night's matches between Germany and Costa Rica & Poland against Ecuador would probably be enamoured by the stupendous display of footwork, skill and goals galore! Germany overcame Costa Rica 4-2, the highest scoring opening game in the World Cup ever! And Poland crashed down to earth thanks to Ecuador scoring two fine goals against them, one in each half. Looks like it's gonna be Germany and Ecuador in the second round, but don't leave out Costa Rica, because with Paulo Wanchope – the scorer of both the Costa Ricans' goals against Germany – they have a fantastic striker who will ensure passage to the second round!

In any case, today's match to watch has to be England vs. Paraguay, since I am, after all, rooting for the Englishmen. My mother announced to me earlier this afternoon, to my utter disappointment that she's rooting for Brazil simply because they were winners four years ago. Bleh!

My predictions for the England game? 3-1 at best. With either Peter Crouch, Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard getting the goals for England. Perhaps David Beckham too, but I'd rather have him feeding the pinpoint crosses to ensure the chances are supplied to the attackers. I'm hoping for a game that is just as exciting as the Germany vs. Costa Rica opening match earlier today (local time).


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