Adrenaline Junkie

I must confess…

that I can't get enough of this stupendous, thrilling ride that is the Flying Coaster, one of Genting Highlands' Outdoor Theme Park attractions. It seriously made you feel as if you are flying and zipping through the air, since you are lying down on the seat instead as shown here in the picture below. I'm the third one in the middle, my grin says it all as to how much I enjoyed this ride of all the ones I had gone.

In fact, I liked it so much, I went again a few minutes after my first ever Flying Coaster ride.

To be honest, I am something of a roller-coaster junkie, but to be more accurate…I like the adrenaline rush that comes from riding these awesome structures, zipping through the air at top speed, zooming in every direction possible. The best part is when it loops and you feel as if your whole world has gone upside down for one cool moment. It's just so awesome man!

I'm definitely going to be a frequent Genting Highlands visitor from now on…just so I can fulfill my adrenaline addiction from the Flying Coaster and other super-duper cool rides like the Spinner (top) and Space Shot (bottom) pictured below.


  1. Sora

    That looks like so much fun! A new one just opened up at a theme park a few hours from me. The coaster: GOLIATH

    Pix and stats:

    The first GOLIATH opened at Magic Mountain in 2000. The first official riders were a train load of celebrity Davids (David Arquette, David Lee Roth, etc.) And now the ride has opened in my neck of the woods. I can’t wait to get on this thing. You should come over and we’ll ride together.

  2. Whoa!! That looks really awesome! I might just one day come to the States when things are bit more lax for tourists from my part of the world to enter your country.

    Check my “Lists of Goals” page, I included a goal that includes visiting you!

  3. whoami adventure game in genting huh…
    the last time i went to genting, there’s only space shot n spinner,no flying coaster ride…
    i really luv space makes u feel alive as if ur heart is leaving ur body..hahha.

    have u tried i dont know what the name but its like u ride in a ball n they gonna shoot u to air

  4. whoami: You should really go again to Genting one of these days. They’re coming up with another new attraction I think. When I went there, they were in the middle of building something next to this flying coaster. You should try it sometime, really cool!

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