Well, I’m off to my second vacation in two weeks!

In about an hour or so, a taxi will arrive to take my whole family to Genting Highlands.

It's been two years since I last been to Genting, and even then, I had not set foot into the theme park area as it was for a church camp.

This time around, with my sister's family tagging along…well, to be honest, it's me and my mom tagging along actually…anyways, I'm sure this would be extra fun and extra special with my nephew around. I'm looking forward to some male bonding time with him, though he's only 7-years-old. Still, Joshua is the only nephew among four that I am very dear too, simply because I see him more often than the rest of my other nephews. Speaking of which, I do miss them a lot. Oh, and not forget my niece too, little Emma, Josh's little sis.

All in all, this should be one of them rare moments my mom and I can enjoy a little family vacation and to slow down a little and relax. She needed it!

So, to my dear readers from the international community, if you like a glimpse of what's Genting Highlands is… browse the pics below which I nicked off the Net. Sorry for the small size and poor quality, though.

The sprawling outdoor theme park.   Aerial snapshot of Genting Highlands, one of the few wonders in Malaysia.  Genting Highlands Resort/Hotel...it's been a while since I laststayed there.

One of the many tour packages offered to take visitors to Genting Highlands. My family won't be following this tour by the way.

More pictures to follow when I return on Wednesday June 7! Until then, bye you all, be good and be nice!


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