Hurrah!! Got my exam results!!

It's certainly wasn't what I had expected, considering that this semester was rather tough but I'm happy to say that despite a tough and strenous semester, my hard work has paid dividends! I managed to ace the exams and achieve my third Dean's List in a row! Yup, a hattrick of straight A's so far… and no, I'm not always a straight A's student, so this has been a remarkable improvement for me.

My exam transcript as shown on the UNITAR site:


Now I can go enjoy my holiday with a peaceful mind and a content heart! WOOT! =D


  1. Sora

    Many congrats! It may be tough to visualize now, but the serious scholastic investment you make now will reap great didvdends in the coming years, and throughout your life. Keep up the great work!

    “YOU CAN DO IT!!”
    –Rob Schneider, from damn near ANY Adam Sandler movie

  2. Sora

    note to self: use the f****** spell checker!

  3. Hehehe…! Thanks for the congrats, Sora! And yes it’s supposed to be “dividends”. 😀

    Hope you’re well! 🙂

  4. This year is ur third year at unitar is it ?

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