My First (Interesting) Attempt at Cooking Curry Chicken!

Heh, now most of my inner circle of friends would know my penchant for whipping up fine appetizers, desserts, juices and punches…but now, thanks to much persuasion and goading on my mom's part, I've finally moved into uncharted territory – actual cooking!!

And what's on the menu for today?

Homemade Curry Chicken…emmm…yeah! Smell that curry and spices, boys and girls!

Cleaning the chicken is a meesy part which my mother thankfully did while I went downstairs to the salon to get my hair cut. When my hair was done, by the time I went back upstairs, mom was getting the wok ready to cook the curry paste and curry leaves together. Even though I'm not exactly a curry-loving person, but the fragrant smell emanated from the curry spices the moment it hits the well-heated wok surface can only be described as heavenly beyond words!

After a couple of minutes stirring the curry paste, in goes the chicken, and this is where I step in…because you need plenty of strength to stir the chicken pieces and mix them well with the curry paste. Mom's arms have been hurting these past months and she can't do much heavy lifting and so, I took over. It's a great opportunity to learn from a master chef like my mom.

Great bonding time too, I'm proud to say my mom gave me a B for the overall result of the curry chicken. The jury's still out on the actual taste though as we haven't taste it yet – letting it simmer for now. Hopefully, it's nice as much as it smells good. =)

I bet some of you like to look at pics, right? And of course, being the self-obsessed photowhore that I am…may I present to you a couple of self-taken photos of me in the kitchen. The photos don't look very good, but I'd like to see you try taking great shots while holding a cam on one hand while trying to concentrate on stirring a wok-full of simmering hot curry chicken!

All in all, I had a great time cooking, maye I will try to spend a bit more time in the kitchen with my mom guiding me. After all, she's not getting any younger and it'll surely be a waste not to learn her culinary skills as she doesn't have anyone else to pass them to besides me who is always by her side. Plus, a man who can cook have a good standing among the social circles these days…especially with the rise of the all-new kind of male – the househusbands!!

Heh! Enjoy and to you guys out there….it's worth giving cooking a try! It's fun, though the cleaning up process afterwards is a little strenous, but overall, it's a good way to bond with your loved ones!


Note the sweat drops rolling down my face! Facing lots of pressure when you have mom watching your every move like a hawk and dictating every move to you!

Unfortunately, note the the tiny curry splatters on the wall…

Homemade Curry Chicken...the santan not yet mixed in.

Also unfortunately, mom realised that it's near impossible to close the wok with the curry chicken already filled to the brim, so she had me dig out a bigger wok from the cupboards, wash them, and transfer the curry chicken from the wok pictured above to the new, bigger wok. We both successfully performed a Curry Chicken transplant without any casualties! Hah!

Homemade Curry Chicken - Finished!

What the Homemade Curry Chicken is like after santan has been added and simmered for 15 minutes. Voila! Thick, delicious gravy and well-cooked chicken and potatoes. Yummy, don't you think? Mom gave the taste as an A+! I passed in my first cooking attempt…with 75% guidance from my mom! Love you mom, had lots of fun!


  1. journeyofadreamer

    LOL! Glad to see things worked out. So…househusband, eh?…..

    Hmm…. I’ll keep that in mind in case I find a girl who’s looking for that quality in a man.

  2. Sora

    Mmmm. looks very tasty! Keep it up. It’s true, guys who can cook have a big advantage in the dating game over those who can’t. Up until I was about 25, my culinary skills were so bad I could burn water. Now, I’m the one who cooks the turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try to have some sort of “cooking school” with your mother at least once a week. Not only will you gain valuable skills in the kitchen, but it’s quality time with mom, and you can’t knock that.

  3. At my house, everyday feels like I’m still in a darn school… mom’s being teaching me almost everything from cooking, to housekeeping to my Mandarin linguistic skills…

    It’s like she’s making sure that I get the best home education that I missed and also making up for lost time when she was too busy taking care of my ailing father over the years. God bless her!

  4. Hoa

    That looks good. Beautiful color. I think u did good job.

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  6. dsp

    that looks fucking delicious

  7. That looks good. Beautiful color. I think u did good job.


    would you e mail me recipes

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