All I can say is that I find this picture most disturbing…

…and most horrifying thing I've ever seen!!

Certainly gives new meaning to the oft-spoken warning to kids "Never take candy offered by strangers!!"


Perhaps this is something Michael Jackson wore to lure kiddies to his Neverland Ranch…or maybe he hired this git to don this costume and ask kids, in an eerie way "Would you like some candy, boy?" No offense to the Great Man, but how could you resist taking a dig at him?

Nevertheless, I don't know about you, but I find this is something that people would to a Gay Pride parade or a Mardi Gras…and normal, sane people like myself will certainly never, ever, be caught alive or dead in this get up… What would The Star's Fashion Police say about this, I wonder?

This pic came through the e-mail courtesy of


  1. journeyofadreamer

    Somehow I have a feeling this is NOT what 50 Cent had in mind when he said: “I’ll take you to the Candy Shop.”

    Thanks a lot, Phil. I won’t be able to sleep for another week now….

  2. LOL! There's always Nytol! I am so LOL! 😀

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