Reading over Writing

As prepare for my Writer's Meet-up tonight, I've been pondering over the fact that in the last week, well, in fact, since my creative writing class ended, that I had hardly written much…fiction wise, that is.

I noticed that so far, I've been doing more reading than writing – blogs, journals, magazines, newspapers and books. I've mentioned before that I have a voracious appetite for the written word but today, I am wondering if I actually love reading more than I actually do writing. I began to think whether I started out loving to read first or was it writing?

Another question that I pondered was the fact that what I wrote tend to be influenced in part by what I've read. Indeed, the desire to write surfaced only when I as in college…over writing academic papers, in fact! Also, I had wanted to write because I want to try to emulate my favourite writers such as Anthony Horowitz, JK Rowling and more recently, Neil Gaiman. These people seem to have that knack for conjuring and crafting stories out of nowhere and make them so pleasurable to read and leaving millions of audiences around the world enthralled.

I want to be like that. And one thing that I learnt from my creative writing class is that I should develop my own style of writing. Yet, I find myself still unable to release the shackles of trying to copy or match the style of writing as that of my revered writers.

Will I ever get a book out one day? I do seriously plan on wiriting books for a living in the near future, but the sheer immense work that comes from it is really intimidating…scary even. I've completed Chapter One of my hope-to-be first book, but I still hadn't dared to let anyone have a read yet. It's quite scary to think of what the people that I showed it to would think of this story.

Oh geez, the clock says 5.30pm already. Where did all the time go? I've been busy working from home all day today, trying to transcribe the interview I did with Jack Canfield into paper, reading all the online newspapers and blogs to keep myself updated about world events and latest issues circulating around the Malaysian blogosphere. I didn't realise I've been facing the computer since 10.00am this morning. How time flies!

Well, I hope that I will not come into any problems in my writing career. I know that no one turns into a multi-millionaire author in a day, but I will make every effort to strive for success. It will not elude me for sure. My future, my success is for me to lose. As Jack Canfield said in his latest book, The Success Principles, the start to a successful life is when you take 100% full charge of my life, that I am 100% responsible for my life and that everything I do is answerable to no one but myself. I am MY OWN MAN.


  1. Hello Mr. Philip,

    Apparently we are on the same boat: I too am figuring out how to make a proper decent living by writing, and presently I too find that it is difficult to move past Chapter One in what is supposed to be my first novel.

    It seems that all I ever type in the word processor is “Chapter One” over and over again. I find that most distressing.

    Anyways, it is always a pleasure meeting the acquaintance of a fellow struggling writer. I’ll be a fixture in your blogspace from now, if you don’t mind. It is very nice stumbling into you.

    Have a nice day now. 🙂

  2. Jay

    Writing is an art – you feel it, you express those feelings, you create a masterpiece. To me, anything I write is deeply intimate and I truly understand that trepidation of transgressing from keeping your works private to showing it to the public. Yet, do not be discouraged by criticisms and bad remarks because they will soon formulate your future works. In fact, it is others not you who judge your work as a ‘literary success’ – all you do is create a masterpeice as how you feel and sense it. And that should be its own gift 😀

    ALL THE BEST anyhow

  3. Shahriman Latif: You're most welcome here anytime, dear sir! It's a little bit encouraging to note that there are like-minded people and that I'm not the only one to be faced with all this distressing problems in getting past our "Chapter Ones". It's scary to know that you're alone in some strange world where you do not know which is the beginning and which is the end. Writing is pretty much the same and is always great to meet a fellow writer who will be there to support each other! It's certainly a pleasure to meet you too, courtesy of dear Minishorts.  

    Jay @ The Naked Writer (hope that's not the actual way for you to be inspired, not that there's anything wrong with makedness :p): Thanks so much! I certainly need the encouragement and support! And your advice is much appreciated! Like Tom from your Renaissance Man story, I will forge ahead with renewed strength and with much fervour!

  4. you’re doing great, mr. wanderer, and your enthusiasm for writing shines out …

    don’t worry about finding yourself writing like the people you’re reading … you might even consciously play at writing like them for the sake of learning how they achieve their effects … and if you write enough and read enough you will surely end up with all those other voices cancelling each other out and your own voice coming through

    by the way, you should read david mitchell’s “cloud atlas” which is written in a variety of styles – you can’t actually say which one ios mitchell’s (you’d enjoy the fantasy section of this book particularly)

  5. journeyofadreamer

    You’re worried about your writing? You’re making a name for yourself and with hard work and a little dedication, I don’t see any difficulties.

    A lecturer once told me that your own style is what is you. It isn’t necessarily original and YES, there are times other factors can influence your writing but at least it’s you, it’s what you’re comfortable with. Don’t conform, don’t rebel, just be.

  6. Bibliobibuli: Thanks for the compliments, Sharon! Sometimes I feel that I have to do better than the level I am at. And I will certainly keep an eye out for David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. It certainly sounds interesting!

    jorney of a Dreamer: As always, I can always rely on you for a thwap on the head to wake me up from my brooding and complaining. Thanks, always appreciate the nice stuff you said, hope you’ll be a frequent visitor to my blog and

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