Why Would Anyone Want to Hurt Kids?

I just simply cannot comprehend this fact. We humans are ought to better and above animals…not degenerate into a mindless, thoughtless, savage animal that attacks and kills without remorse! God blessed us with intellect and the ability to feel emotions – what happened to these child killers and abusers that turned them into such perverse creatures that will descend into the level of barbarism to the extent that they can hurt children without any guilt, feelings or sense of remorse?

As a Malay proverb goes, seganas selapar seekor harimau, namun ia tetap tidak akan mengancam atau membunuh anak-anaknya sendiri. When translated, it said, "no matter how fierce or hungry a tiger is, it will never hurt or kill it's own offspring/children". What more can i say about human beings, we who are supposedly superior than a wild animal such as the tiger.

No amount of savage name-calling and derision of the persons who committed the two heinous and monstrous crimes against children – the kidnap-cum-murder of 7-year-old boy, Ho Ping, in Subang Jaya and the kidnap-cum-murder of 8-year-old girl, Ching Poon, in Johor, capped a most horrifying and tragedy filled week for many Malaysians who are deeply affected and shocked by these cases.

Sure, Malaysia is still no where near a critical situation as that of countries like Brazil and Somalia where child deaths, killings and murders have become a near everyday occurence – it is still unacceptable that such a thing is allowed to happen in this peace-loving, non-violent, generally friendly country! And not just this country, but by right everywhere in the world as well. No parent should ever have to bury their child – it should be the children! But no, such crimes still occur everywhere in the world.

In times like this, it feels right to blame God and ask where was He during all this atrocities. Blaming God will solve nothing – it'll only hurts even more. Mankind has been given a choice from the beginning – to do good or to do evil. But sadly, there are those of us who are like Cain, who chose to do evil than what is good and right.

Every effort must be made to ensure that our children grow up safe and secure in the knowledge that they can play, have fun and enjoy their childhood and innocence without having to be fearful of "evil men and women" who are out to hurt them and kill them for sport. The law must be enforced – the harshest of all harsh punishment must be meted out to these criminals! No mercy shall be given to them for they showed no mercy and no remorse in hurting an innocent, powerless and defenseless child.

We must ask ourselves this question – What kind of society do we want our children to grow up in? Do we want them to live in ever constant state of fear, paranoia and the belief that nowhere in this country is safe? Do we confine them to the safety of their homes? Even the home is rarely secure at all nowadays, what with some parents, relatives and even maids who have the trust and responsibility in protecting them betraying that trust.

What chance does a child have against a full-grown adult twice his/her size? Movies like Home Alone and 3 Ninjas are fabrications and imaginations from Hollywood. A child may learn self-defense and may have the ingenuity to come up with tricks and traps to fight against the bad people, but really…in reality, a child would be so terrified of the situation that he/she is in that you cannot expect him to jump into kung-fu action mode and whack the villains to a pulp. What can we do? What can a child do in circumstances such as these? what can they or we do when a child is threatened?

I have no answers – but I can only hope that each and everyone of us who has conscience, who knows the right from the wrong, will do everything to ensure we safeguard and protect our future generation. Crimes against children are worst kind of atrocity that could ever be committed by a human being. I could only pray and hope that the future will be brighter for our children and that the terrible, heart-rending fate that befell dear Ho Ping and Ching Poon will never again happen to anyone's child. As responsible citizens of the world, it is time that we all stop being selfish and turn a blind eye on crimes against children – it is time that we start to care for one another and lookout for each other and our kids. Everyone have a part to play in ensuring that our society remains safe and peaceful.

To the families of Ho Ping and Ching Poon, my heart goes out to all of you. No amount of words of comfort can ever erase the terrible hurt in your lives caused by the deaths of your children. Nothing that we can say or do could ever bring back your loved ones but please be strong, take care of yourselves and the remainder of your family. The rest of the world stands with you and we are all greatly saddened and we feel your loss. At least your children are now in a better place, safe from the cruel ways of this world.


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