Back Home, Safe and Sound

Greetings everyone, I've made it back home safely from my vacation. Needless to say, I had a great time and guess what, I finally actually put on weight!! 3.5 pounds to be exact…which was a marked increase that took me off-guard. I was like..whoa… did I really eat that much back in Penang?? LOL!

Anyways, I wish I could say that I really, really did enjoy my vacation thoroughly, but sadly, it wasn't the case. To most of my friends who've visited this blog, you'd know how I feel when it comes to children and children's issues, so imagine my shock, horror and outrage and incredible sadness upon reading in the newspapers about the horrifying kidnap-murder of a 7-year-old boy. The cops have caught the bloody monsters behind this, but the impact of the tragic, unnecessary wanton loss itself was enough to make me feel broody and depressed. I'll comment more on this later when I've got my feelings in better control.

About my vacation, more on that later too. At the moment, I'm caught up with a bit of work, so perhaps later when I have more time. I've got so much too express here on this blog, but I promise to make it short.

'till next time, then. Ciao!


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