Time for a much needed VACATION!

Had started the day today feeling depressed from reading all the news, blog posts and comments on the Internet regarding certain issues that are just too much, issues that ought to be irrelevant in this time and age but yet, persisitently brought up by certain vicious quarters who are seeking self-publicity and creating trouble.

And sometimes I wonder if anything and everything that I have done, that we Malaysians have done, is ever enough to at least make things feel right and regain a semblance of normalcy and peace to the country. I guess I have to cling on to the hope that our side – those who wishes to preserve and value peace, harmony and tolerance in this country – outnumber the opposition far greater in number. And that we unite and never let the true spirit of Malaysia be destroyed by some bigoted, fanatical villains in this country.

That said, I’m not going to let these issues trouble me and ruin my much needed, long-awaited vacation back at my homestate of Penang. Can you believe that it has been almost three years since I have gone back? I truly miss Penang, its glorious food and the peace, tranquility and slower pace of life. But something tells me that the latter part might no longer be true…

Three years ago, it was still pretty much okay. Traffic wasn’t so bad. But rumours has it that the traffic in Penang has become much worse now, and that Penang is becoming the Malaysian version of Singapore – lots of high rise buildings, land reclaimation and traffic jams.

At least there are still beaches in Penang, despite having the tsunami nearly destroyed it one and a half years ago.

I was staying over at a friend’s place for a week in Penang three years ago, during our college break. I had a swell time there. His parents were very gracious hosts and I’m glad that they welcomed me into their home with open arms. Throughout the whole week, we were pretty much laid back – me challenging my friend’s mom in Scrabble and losing it, eating till our hearts’ content with me not gaining weight while I’m at it and hanging around the malls and the beaches there.

Ah, vacations are darn good for the soul, don’tcha think?

This time around, I’m going for 5 days and 4 nights beginning tomorrow night. I’ll be staying both at the same friend’s place and at my paternal aunt’s place. While the aim of the vacation is too unwind, relax and recuperate mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, I had another aim as well, which I will discuss with my aunt as soon as I arrive tomorrow night. The aim is to locate a long-time family friend – my old babysitter, who took care of me for the first five years of my life every weekdays.

I have very vague memories of her, but till today, I still remember the name I used to call her by – Ah Eng. Last I met her was at my paternal grandma’s funeral 14 years ago, when I was 10-years-old. Hopefully, she still remembers me. Hopefully too, that she hasn’t passed on, but if she did, I’d like to visit her grave. Pay my last respects and say my goodbye for the last time. It’s the least that I could do.

Right now, I’m in the midst of packing my stuff. I’m still torn over whether I ought to bring my Sony Vaio notebook PC along. It’s a little heavy but still pretty portable enough but I’m not sure if it’s safe to carry something so expensive on a long bus journey. I still got work to finish a bit (yes, i know a vacation means you leave work at home…but I promised my boss) and besides, I’d like to keep you guys and gals updated about my vacation.

Hmmm…well, that’s that then – I’m definitely not going to take the risk. Too many cons over the pros for bringing my notebook along. It’s a precious possession and am not about to take the risk. I’ll just bring along my trusty thumbdrive with it’s precious, precious contents and hope I’ll be able to get my hands on a computer in Penang.

So yeah, long day tomorrow. This is what’s going to happen tomorrow: –

7.00am – Wake up, brush teeth, shower and make a cup of Milo plus getting ready for Naoko to pick my up.

7.45am – Naoko is due to pick me up and drop me off at the Kelana Jaya LRT Station before she heads off to work.

8.00am – Makan breakfast at the Taman Mayang coffee shop nearby.

9.00am – Board the LRT train for Bangsar where I’ll have to take a cab that will take me to Mid Valley Megamall.

9.45am-10.00am – My estimated time of arrival at Mid Valley Megamall, proceed to Dome Cafe to meet my boss.

10.30am – Proceed to the cinema for the press screening of X-Men: The Last Stand movie. Heard that it’s the best of all the X-trilogy. Keeping my fingers crossed for an all-out mutant extravaganza.

1.00pm – Estimated time for movie to finish. Have a quick lunch and it’s time to leave for Puduraya Bus Station.

2.00pm – Grab a cab that’ll take me to Bangsar LRT station, board the the LRT to head towards Masjid Jamek where I will have to switch trains to head towards Plaza Rakyat Station. Puduraya is situated opposite the station.

3.00pm – estimated time of arrival at Puduraya, locate the correct Transnasional bus that will take me to Penang. Then, hang around for a while until its time to stash away the luggage, board the bus and depart for Penang.

4.10pm – Estimated departure time for Penang. Journey would take about 4 to 5 hours.

8.30pm-9.15pm – Estimated time of arrival at Sungai Nibong Bus Station, Penang. Call auntie to pick me up.

10.30pm – After refreshing myself and settled down, have a quick chat and discussion with my hosts about my plans and then it’s time to head off to bed.

Whew…long day tomorrow, isn’t it? And I still got a few things to pack and check to make sure I’ve got everything that I needed. Keep me in your prayers while I’m gone and hope this vacation goes smoothly as I had planned!

Ciao and see you later, everyone! 


  1. Wow! You have a lot of things on your plate! You should have left your notebook with me to babysit! Enjoy your vacation in Penang bro! Have a bowl of Mee Jawa on me! Mmm..now where can I find it here in KL?

    In the mean time, I anticipate your next post.

    Have fun!

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