The remarks and accusations of some people REALLY boggles the mind!

I do not know whether I should be amused, horrified or simply plain baffled by the unjustified remarks and accusations made by this so-called Malaysian Linguistic expert, Ambi Mohan. Amir Muhammad, Malaysia's 'infmous' filmmaker because he made a docu-movie about an equally infamous communist, wrote about it in his column in News Straits Times here. Right now, all I know is that I simply want to point my magic wand and hex this linguist guy to kingdom come!

Yes, so it may be old news, last week's Thursday news but still, the ramifications of such a stupid accusation made by a supposedly educated person simply, simply boggles my mind!

Can you actually believe the things he said in the article? This, coming from a person who is supposedly to be the champion of linguists and English experts. Surely this idiot has some common sense that the word potter does not refer to a person who specialises in marijuana, like he claimed!

In fact, 'Potter' is actually quite a common British surname and Beatrix Potter, the acclaimed writer of the Peter Rabbit tales is one of the famous Potters in UK. And a 'Potter' is someone who is skilled i the craft of 'Potterry' and most definitely and incomprehensibly NOT about marijuana making!! No dictionary I have seen even remotely connect the word 'potter' with drug-making or other drug-related habits!

Get that fact into your head, Mr Mohan and learn NOT to make sweeping accusations and taking it literally that Harry Potter is a confused drug addict who has hallucinations about wizardry and magic! It's a darn good book and please, please stop making the rest of us intelligent, sane Malaysians look ridiculous because of stupid, insane Malaysians like YOU!!


  1. Just in case you could not find the portion of the article on this, I've reproduced it here…hopefully Mr Amir Muhammad doesn't mind.

    Linguists seek Harry Potter ban (by Amir Muhammad, NST, Thursday, 11-05-2006)

    FRESH from its controversial call to ban The Da Vinci Code (NST, May 4), the Malaysian Linguistic Association (Malas) is once more taking aim at a pop-cultural institution be- loved of bourgeois readers.

    Its president Ambi Mohan wants the final Harry Potter book banned. What’s unusual about this is that the book has yet to be published! The seventh and last instalment of British writer J.K. Rowling’s franchise about a boy wizard is due out only in July 2007 and does not even have a confirmed title yet.

    "There’s nothing wrong with asking for something to be banned before we can fully ascertain its contents," he says while adjusting his trademark bow-tie. "This read-before-you-judge concept is very Eurocentric and not suited to our tropical climate."

    The association’s objection to Harry Potter is not merely linguistic this time, but in the interest of national security.

    "As a patriotic Malaysian, it is my duty to speak up," he says. "My sister Anadil, who attended a charity dinner hosted by an anti-drug foundation, told me that ‘pot’ is slang for marijuana. Therefore I suspect that Harry’s surname of Potter indicates that he is a drug addict. Potter means he specialises in pot, just as a ‘fighter’ is someone who fights and ‘forester’ someone who deals with forests. You’d need to be a linguist to figure this out."

    Ambi confirms that he has no solid evidence to back this claim "but the data that we have is highly persuasive. Only a drug addict would imagine he is a wizard who can fly and disappear and perform magical tricks.

    These things cannot happen in reality as they defy the laws of Physics, which I studied at secondary school. Also his initials are HP which can stand for Hemp Promotion."

    He has another theory. "The reason why this final Harry Potter book is shrouded in mystery is that the author does not want to reveal its drug content. She knows this will cause the book to be banned in Malaysia (a very important market for the books) so she is keeping quiet.

    I think the final book will reveal that Harry gets his amazing powers by smoking ganja, tooting on joints and firing up doobies!" he says and starts to giggle uncontrollably.

    Rowling and her publisher could not be reached for comment although we really tried.

  2. *psst*

    Just so you know, almost everything in Amir Muhammad’s column on that day was made up. The Potter article was parody (and a good one, I was laughing on the laughing on the outside, yet crying on the inside) of the situation he is in.

    At least he can see the ironic humour in the situation. Man, I feel for that guy.

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