Still on issue of the controversial ban of ‘Lelaki Komunis Terakhir’

For anyone of you looking to read up more on this issue and would like to study this issue objectively from all sides, Encik Fathi Aris Omar has made a comprehensive list of news items and bloggers who spoke out about this issue.

You can also find that the link is listed under my 'Sites of Interest' category on the left sidebar.

I just hope that more people will discuss this with an objective and sound mind. With all the recent things highlighted in the press and the blogosphere recently, I am afraid that we'r moving into an almost repressive situation where we can't talk about issues like past history, inter-faith matters and the Federal Constitution objectively, rationally and peacefully with raising the ire of the conservative-minded sods in the country.

This has certainly cause me to worry about the kind of future we are going to leave for our generations to come. Will it be a progressive, open-minded society or will be like a Middle-Age like repressive and backward society – both creatively and economically?

The future is in our hands. We are responsible for making it into what we want and what we hope to be. So, let's make sure that the latter situation does not happen at all. The consequences would be too horrifying for me too even imagine it.


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