I Have Been Called Unpatriotic

Not exactly said to my face, but rather, it was implied in two comments posted in reply to Yasmin Ahmad's critique about stupid people making unjust, unfair and malicious comments regarding her films, Sepet and Gubra and Amir Muhammad's Lelaki Komunis Terakhir.

I am not really bothered by this, I mean I don't even care what people think of me, you know. I am not here  to please anyone. And I don't answer to anyone, either.

So why am I so worked up over this? Why can't I stop thinking about it?

Simple answer, the only conclusion I can come to is that I have riled some feathers with my criticism of the way some people within the government run things. And if they don't like it, that's just too bad.

Or maybe I'm reading too much

To set the record straight, it is ONLY because I LOVE my country that I am openly criticising the government and be bold about it, instead of going about my life in the country pretending that everything's bright and rosy when it is not. Only a stubborn fool – blindsided by the myth of patriotism – would stubbornly refuse to believe that nothing is wrong with the country when it is so obvious that there is.

A person who is truly patriotic and who truly loves his country would not want to see his country wash down the drain due to a few bad apples in the government and among our society. thus, he will say what is in his mind and will find ways to make things right. For me, writing and blogging about it is my way of making people aware of the things that are wrong with Malaysia and the stupid people behind them.

It's not about smearing or condemning the government. It's about shaming the people in the government and in society who does stupid things to embarrass the country and themselves. I really don't expect someone who dub himself/herself 'orang bukit' would understand this simple concept.

If I had the final say in making decisions, if I were the Prime Minister, I would make sure all those people (those who tries to pervert the course of justice, who calls people from other religions to shut up if they know about Islam and film producers & journalists who make sweeping statements and malicious comments about wonderfully made films by some of our country's most creative people on Earth) are punished sufficiently. Feel the full wrath of the PM's power.

That's the problem with Pak Lah sometimes…he can be a bit too soft but he does his job well. It's a shame that there are still bad apples in his government. Unfortunately, in politics, it's part and parcel of the field. Sometimes I feel like I'm kidding myself for having intentions to join a political party and get into politics myself. Not for any self-serving purposes mind you, but you know, for that noble intention of wanting to make a difference.

So, for now, I'm quite satisfied and pleased at just being an ordinary citizen, blogging and writing for a living. And maybe do my part to help the country by trying to make people aware of the things that they should wake up to instead of still sleeping.

Whatever it is that I do, I plan to do it to the best of my abilities and not let someone spoil it for me by dubbing me as unpatriotic.

We all shouldn't pounce on and tear into each other like tigers on a hunt. We are all Malaysians. We want what's best for the country and for ourselves. We have every right to voice our opinions about something that we know in our conscience that it's wrong. If you can't see that and still pretend everything is going well, perhaps you need to look hard at yourself and ask yourself whether you truly imbue the spirit of Malaysia.

*Sigh* Still, no point wasting my breath on people who just wouldn't change. They are no different from those people who doesn't think before they shoot off with their mouth.

Me, I think my responses through and very thoroughly before I actually do put into writing. It's what you call constructing constructive criticisms. If you can't stomach something like that, that's just too bad for you. I really do feel sorry for you.

That's enough from my part. As one of my pals from abroad always say "Ah had muh say". Take it or leave it. Not happy? Nothing you say or do can change me the way I see, feel and think about this country.

Let's strive for a better tomorrow, for a better Malaysia. no way will we be a developed nation by 2020 if we do not change our narrow-mindedness. The people in the government should begin to learn to trust us citizens to make the right choices.

So, all I can say is that Giod bless Malaysia! We sure need alot of His help.   


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