Awesome on two accounts…

What’s awesome on two accounts, you might wonder…

Well, it’s been a specially awesome day today, the feeling of blissful freedom from my mom has been really wonderful and just an hour ago, I got a call from mom saying that she’d like to stay in Penang a little longer. Woot! I thought to myself. A whole week of freedom! I’ve never been independent and staying by myself for an entire week. It’s a really maturing process for me.

Initially, I thought I’ll crack without mom fussing over me. Yes, through, living by myself could be a little lonely at times, but the peace and quietness has a positive effect on me anyhow. It’s rather refreshing for a change and besides, I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a lone ranger, thought I DO love the company of my friends, and you can count them on just one hand. Yes, i only have that many friends whom I’d had the honour of dubbing as my ‘inner circle’.

So yes, I am enjoying myself at the moment, staying by myself. I wondered why I was so scared to do so in the first place. I wished I had been more adventurous when I was in college…well, I am technically still a student since I am in university part time, but now, I juggle a full-time work so, no time to go exploring and travelling. Moreover, I need the funds to do so, and at the moment, I’d like to save up as much as I could.

Right, so beside the awesomeness and euphoria of knowing that I will be staying by myself for the whole of this week, I also had the awesome and fantastic time at the swanky, modern, unconventional restaurant called Marco’s Pizza. I was there with two of my inner circle buds, and we simply had a lovely time. I was there on assignment, a food review for the KLWEEKLY webzine.

And I must say, of all the restaurants I have been to, nobody had come close to offering such impressive and professional service – the dining experience has to be one of the best I ever had. The hosts were so gracious and they really, really spoilt us to the max – serving us a table laden with gorgeous and delicious dishes after dishes. No words can aptly describe their level of service. It was attentive, pleasant and effective. That in itself earned the restaurant high marks in my book.

So all in all, my 2nd day alone has been great! I will talk more about the exquisite time I had at Marco’s Pizza another time after I am done with the write up for it for the webzine. I am seriously not kidding, you guys SHOULD give this restaurant a try – it’s really worth every ringgit spent!

Till my next post, ciao and have a lovely week y’all!


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