Bangkok Trip Cancelled

At the last minute, it was decided that our trip to Bangkok for the MTV Asia Awards 2006 show has been cancelled, scrapped.

Reason: due to unforeseen circumstances…well, there's always another time. While I was initially bumped, I recovered sufficiently to successfully write what would be my first chapter of my children's book series… So, I guess it was not a lost, huh?

I was scheduled to depart yesterday, then in order to cut cost, it was decided that I don't have to go so early, so it was rescheduled to tomorrow. Now, even that has been scrapped.

Bleh! Oh well…there's always ups and downs in everyone's life. But this has to be the lowest point in my life. It'll take a while for me to get my confidence level back after so many disappointments.


  1. Sora

    Aww, don’t take it so hard. Once your books make you wealthy beyond imagination, you can schlep off to Bangkok any old time.

    “Unforeseen circumstances”…I bet that means the trip cost more than they expected. Money’s usually involved somewhere in the reasoning.


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