Problem Solved!

Whew…thank Heavens indeed!

See what I tell you about the way my mood changes rapidly over a short period of time? This is proof…one day I'm down and depressed and the next day I feel as if the skies has brightened my soul…brightened so much that the grey skies and rainy day ain't doing nothing to spoil the mood.

Funny how life works, doesn't it?

Or should I say the way God seems to be enjoying playing fun and games with people's fate. Whatever the problems I had encountered which resulted in my previous ranty post, it does not need any mention now that it's solved.

I breathed out a sigh of relief upon hearing the good news earlier in the day and at least tonight, I know I will be sleeping easy and ready for whatever God throws at me again tomorrow.

Live with me on this life's journey and you'll never encounter a dull moment. My life seems to be full of head spinning action, drama and adventure. I feel like I'm Truman…Jim Carrey's character from his 1998 hit movie The Truman Show…how his life is manipulated and orchestrated for the entertainment and pleasure of the world. It was one of those movies that really struck a chord in me…and made me realise that there can be a possibility that one's life is nothing but a live TV show. It scares me to think how prophetic this movie was in predicting the emergence of reality TV programmes that has become a staple of everybody's TV diet today. 

While that kind of thing can only happen in movies, I sure hope that I don't wake up one day and find camera lenses trained in on me and discover that reality…is not what it seems. But with the zany popularity of reality TV shows no end of dying off anytime soon, the fact that someone might be manipulated without his knowledge and his entire life captured on film is still a very, very scary thought.

You may say that such a thing only happens in America – that the West is only crazy about this sort of stuff…but who knows, we're not better off than them anyways. Nevertheless, it's still food for thought, no?

Note: Is anyone having some itsy bitsy problem with WordPress? This is actually my fifth attempt to post this entry up!


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