Abdul Fatah is a chauvinist male pig!

To Malaysians, you would have known about this dummy for a member of parliament who remarked in Parliament that single mothers/divorcees are gatal (randy). Read the full story here.

Hmph! Coming from Kelantan, the state that is under the rule of the Islamic party PAS, which Abdul Fatah belongs to, it's no surprise that he made such an unsensitive and unfair judgment of divorcees. Who is he to claim and judge that all divorcees are randy, flirtatious people which resulted in them being divorced. Does he not know that most women were divorced BECAUSE of the wrongdoings of the husbands?? It is an insult to accuse divorced women of being responsible for their marriage being broken apart.

I am really disappointed that in this time and age, we still have this kind of people in the world who make such insensitive and downright chauvinistic remarks and in Parliament for goodness sakes! I am certainly happy to see this idiot, this dolt get fired by his constituency in the next general election!

People of Malaysia, especially you Kelantanese, free yourself from PAS rule! They are really setting Malaysia back and making us look primitive in the eyes of the world. The only reason why your state is not progressing is due to this irresponsible party! They should be focusing on the development of the state and not trivial matters such as segregating shopping lanes between gender and closing down entertainment outlets.

Many said Malaysia is an Islamic country but I feel it is not…it is a secular country with Islam chosen as it's official religion. Despite that, i still have a problem with such classification. Why should a country be defined by it's official religion? Why should it's minority be subjected to the requirements of such said majority religion but not the other way round? 

Honestly, we can debate about this forever and still find no solutions. It's all about the mindset of the people. We are already so ingrained from the beginning that we become conformists in nature. Because we are the minority, we have to conform to the majority. Such nonsense. We in the minority have just as much right as the majority to be heard, to be treated fairly and justly and not to be bullied!

Times have changed and if PAS wants to be backward, fine, that's their problem but don't drag the rest of us into it! Still, we should not really underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. PAS, it's leaders, it's dreams, it's motivations and intentions should go the way of the dinosaurs!


  1. Corgan

    I think you’re generalised the whole party a bit too much lah. Abdul Hadi Awang the PAS prez and even Nik Aziz condemned his “gatal” remark. Even though a conservative party PAS is, the whole party seemed to condemn him kaw-kaw. Sorry if old news anyway. =P

  2. Haha… hiya Corgan! Been a while huh?
    Yup, it sure is glad to see him condemn kaw-kaw by his own party-mates, but I still am suspicious of their intentions to condemn him kaw-kaw. Abdul Fatah could be a pawn to make the leaders, especially Nik Aziz, to look less hardline. The party has been trying to shed their image since their heavy defeat in the last election.

    Anyways, yes, like you said this is already old story…but there can never be too much or too little conspiracy theories flying around, eh? :p

  3. I agree with you 200 % Wow. How ironic is that right? We just had a Think Pink campaign..a gender awareness campaign! YAy.

    yay for chics…I mean..women.

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