Something about durians…

Here’s a piece of advice for all you true lovers of the King of Fruits… never, ever buy those supermarket, plastic-wrapped durians. The taste isn’t just the same. The texture isn’t just the same. And the feeling is most certainly not the same.

There’s certainly nothing like savouring a freshly pried-open durian by the roadside and anjoy the creamy, succulent bright yellow flesh of the durian fruit. The taste and feeling is just simply divine and heavenly. The smell is intoxicatingly good (or bad, depending on your taste!) and it just gets you all hot up for more! D24 is the most keng! (Hokkien for ‘excellent’).



I had just had durian rice (scrape the durian flesh from the seed and mix them with cooked rice!) for dinner. Mom and I went to the hypermarket nearby our place and bought four packets of the aforementioned plastic-wrapped durians for RM12.00, so that’s RM3.00 per packet for about five to six pieces of the fruit. It’s certainly not worth it, considering the mushy texture that indicated it is not very fresh. Disappointed, and felt that it would be better getting those sold at pasar malam and roadside stalls.

Ah, just love the durian season!


  1. Miranda Thomas

    Hmm… I heard of this fruit before…it’s rather notorious – from what I heard from friends who have visited your country – for the pungent smell. One friend quipped that he nearly puked while trying to eat the fruit despite pinching his nose tightly!

    I’m not so sure I’d like to give this a try if I do ever visit your country.

  2. Hahaha, yes, the durian does have an overpowering smell that most Westerners and those who are not used to the fruit find it distatsteful. Nevertheless, once you get past the smell, you’d love the creamy texture of the flesh.

    It’s an acquired taste.

  3. Durian rice? wah… must try that one day. yum!

  4. Edseverripit

    Eating it in the bathroom is fun! (sebap durian bau busuk!), but you really have to get something like a cleaver and fishing gloves to get it open 🙂 Over here in the Land of Oz, in a restaurant called the Panda Cafe, they sell durian smoothies!! 😀 Bagus tau!

  5. Oooh!!

    Durian smoothie…aku mau!! *Air liur meleleh*

    New Zealand Natural Ice Cream’s Durian Flo ice cream is best as well. Syok, syok, SYOK!! LOL!

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