"You're a member of the human race. Don't embarrass the rest of us."

This was uttered by veteran actress Dixie Carter in her role as Randi King, an attorney in the super cool television series, Family Law. The TV series revolves around a group of lawyers that take on cases that deals with families in the family court but occassionally the attorneys take on other cases as well that were worth championing and fighting for. It's a riveting series indeed and currently plays on Astro's Hallmark Channel 7.00pm weekdays.

I could not help but feel that this quote clearly describes those of us who are perfectly logical, rationale, thoughtful and sensible human beings are feeling and thinking about the rest of the human population. We humans are supposed to be the "superior" race of beings on the planet, given power and authority over other living beings on the planet. But how many of us do act in a way that justifies our superiority on this planet?

Look in the papers and all around us. We human beings are probably the only living thing on this planet that degenerates into barbaric monsters that hurt, kill and slaughter one another. And there are so many of us that makes stupid decisions that gives no thought to the suffering of others. Look at the Bush administration – or just President Bush himself. He's the dumbest and stupidest American president ever in the history of the US of A. And he's certainly embarrassing the rest of the human race.

I don't deny that there are also animals in the animal kingdom that kill each other and their young for survival and also in dire circumstances that cannot be avoided but have you seen any animals – insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fishes – that actually mates with its young?!

No, right?? That would be like…ewww!!

And yet, we humans descent into something far worst than any mere animal or monster. We become completely ruthless, demented and I don't what else…  

I don't know about how you feel, but one thing's for sure… I certainly do not want to embarrass my fellow humans due to my stupid and lame actions. That'll give the aliens out there in space some food for thought I suppose.


  1. Miranda Thomas

    Hey there…I’m an American and just came upon your blog.
    I’ve got a bone to pick with you calling our President stupid, because that’s just too nice of you…I’d call him an idiotic buffoon with low-level intelligence that had caused the world to hate us Americans so, so much.

    But still, he can be a genius, especially duping my fellow Americans into voting for him again in the previous election. He could’ve done better for the Katrina victims and also the war thing, but he fared well when we Americans were attacked back in 2001. Since then, I would say he’s gone mad and too preoccupied with the ‘war on terrorism’.

    But he’s still a buffoon and though I didn’t like Kerry either, I’d rather have him than this red neck Texan buffoon. Indeed, he’s certainly embarrassed not just us Americans ourselves, but certainly every other human being.

    Miranda Thomas – disillusioned American

  2. Hi Miranda! Nice name and thanks for dropping by!
    Hahaha, I nearly fell off my chair reading the 2nd line of the first paragraph of your comment on Bush. I almost assuming that you were going to bash me for Bush-bashing… but anyways, yeah, it’s amazing how he’s duped the American public into voting him for 2nd term in office. Either majority Americans are as dumb and blur as Bush or basically Bush outwitted them all into thinking that he’s capable, which he is not.

    Anyways, I’m tired of Bush bashing anyways. No amount of Bush bashing will be able to remove him from office…him and his cronies. Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are another three American idiots that I detest most.

    Here’s hoping for Senator Clinton getting the Golden Seat in 2008!

  3. Samster


    You know what Jeremiah says: “The heart of man is deeply wicked. Who can understand it?”

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