1,410 hits and Counting…

This blog has certainly come a long way since the first post was made more than a year ago at Blogspot. It has almost become like an online extension of myself, where my thoughts, insights, memories and recollections reside. Since making WordPress the official permanent home of my blog in the early days of February, I am proud to say that it has become a more organised and neat platform for me to connect to the online community, both locals and globals.

And I am certainly happy that there has been more than 1,410 hits (meaning 1,410 visits/reads) since my first WordPress post, which was the introductory page. A thousand over hits in a mere three months is certainly encouraging and also flattering, as I never expected anyone would want to spend the time reading this blog. Though I am always comment starved, I take pride in knowing that there a group of loyal fans/supporters of my blog and find their time worth spending on some 20-something-year-old Malaysian guy talking/ranting/rambling on and on about some issue or personal stuff.

Thanks for all your support people! I love you guys and certainly love all my readers!! But do make your voice heard, by posting your comments. I would certainly appreciate it!! Now, I'm gunning for at least 5,000 hits by the end of the year. Here's to hoping I succeed in meeting that lofty target!


  1. Hi, Philip. How are you? Have you seen Jared’s April 7th blog entry? ( http://jalman.blogspot.com// ) Things sound *intense* there. I hope he’s feeling better now. I e-mailed him today, but he may not receive it due to parental control of his e-mail.

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