Busy, busy month…

busy, busy bee,

so busy to see –

the world so free

Dismal attempt at writing haiku but it sure sum up the feelings inside me as I am going through one of the most busiest months of the year. So many things to do, assignments to catch up and submit, presentations to do and final exams are around the corner. I so need a break… but then again, I'd rather be on the run all day than to lie around in the house like a slob. And of course, no matter how busy I may be, I never hesitate to take a pause and smell the sweet scent of life and appreciate the world around me… even if it may seem to be falling apart at the seams.

Considering that the next couple of weeks may be a little too tight for me to do any blogging, I shall be taking at least a week or two absence from blogging and sort all my offline duties first before coming back here. That doesn't mean I am abstaining entirely as I may squeeze in free time to post a rant here or a ramble there and basically to update you all on my joyous and busy life.

A half-sabbatical, if you will… yet it doesn't seem to be like one

Be back around end of the month, so come back then ya! Peace be with you all and have good April!!


  1. Peace, relaxation…nothing like it. Enjoyed your post.

    Take a look at my site; think you will like it and may
    want to blogroll me. 🙂



  2. Hi, Shirley! Thanks for stopping by! I like your blog too, especially the posts on Easter!

  3. Sora

    Ahh, seems like only yesterday I was doing the same…scrambling to finish assignments for college graduation. You are proceding correctly, setting aside other projects to devote resources where they are needed. I pray you will have stamina, wisdom and tranquility in abundance as you complete your tasks. I look forward to your return.

  4. lil ms d

    hi! came here via sharon’s blog. may i link you?

  5. lil ms d: I always consider it a privilege to have someone link to my blog. Sure you can, thanks a lot!

    Sora: Thanks a bunch, dearest Sora!

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