This Could Not Have Been More True!

Your Career Type: Artistic
You are expressive, original, and independent.

Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.You would make an excellent:Actor – Art Teacher – Book Editor – Clothes Designer – Comedian – Composer – Dancer – DJ – Graphic Designer – Illustrator – Musician                                                                              

The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.

What's Your Ideal Career?

This is certainly spot on. I have always thought that my strengths lie in my creativity and artistic ability, especially in the written form. Expressive I certainly am. Original…well, I certainly, most definitely strive to be. I am certainly not like Dan Brown who obviously rip off from other people's material and didn't bother to make credit it. Independent is definitely what I strive for too.

However, as for the career choices, I'm not entirely sure, though some are definitely off the list due to the lack of ability and interest in that 'creative' area. Not sure what I'm talking about, well, here's my thoughts on a few of the career choices listed above:-

Actor – Ho,ho,ho… I do love acting and being an avid film lover, I consider myself well versed in acting. Only problem is…IF i do actually dare to go for a real AUDITION. I've been performing in several church performances to rave reviews, but then that's hardly considered 'experience' now is it? Then again, maybe I do have some acting ability in me that has yet to be fully realised to its fullest potential?

Art Teacher – Ha, ha, ha…me an art teacher! I couldn't even wield a brush and palette to save my life, and my colour coordination is usually off more often than not! You can scratch this off the list!

Book Editor – Hmmm…perhaps in the near future, but certainly not now, though I would jump at the chance to be one. After all, with my sister in the publishing industry, I might just get to edit one or two books that she decides to publish. Keep all your fingers (mine too!) crossed!

Comedian – Now this is a laugh indeed…I suppose I can carve out a life by being funny and I do have a sense of humour…only if I could have Samuel and Barbara by my side at all times…I am usually FUNNY when they're around (at their expense, of course…hee-hee!) Plus, I do make Naoko go 'LOL' all the yeah, may be I AM funny after all! LOL!

Dancer/Musician/DJ – You do NOT want to see me boogie on the dancefloor, no sirree! And I'm most unfortunately handicapped in music and all forms of instruments…I'd rather scratch my back then a couple of discs on the turn-table…

So, I guess what I really love and want to be is to be an author, writer, poet, teacher, lecturer, counsellor, film critic, social worker, screenwriter and maybe film producer, if I am rich enough. Nveertheless, it doesn't really matter what I eventually do become anyways, as long as I am enjoying myself and having fun doing it.

Money-minded though I am, satisfaction and passion takes precedent over pursuit for wealth and fame in my book! 



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