9th Malaysian Plan good for Penang

Reading about the 9th Malaysian Plan in The Star  today gave me a feeling of absolute happiness and relief. While I am not an economics specialist or professional, I still have a passing knowledge on the importance of these five-year Malaysian plans for the development and growth of my country.

Penang, is long overdue for further development. Over the years, Penang has increasingly become a more and more congested state, and there isn’t much land around the state to work with, considering the fact that it is an island and surrounded by water on all sides. All this while – since 1985 – it is only connected to the mainland of Malaysia by its most famous landmark, the Penang Bridge (pic below).

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Because of the growth of state, traffic volume has increased and having only one bridge to link the mainland to Penang is simply not enough to cope with the traffic. This is where the 9th Malaysian Plan comes in and it must indeed be a long-time coming for all Penangites and visitors everywhere. Finally, we can look forward to an upgrade of the local trasport system and additional link to lighten up the burden on our Penang Bridge.

Of course, the plan has been initiated. When construction will actually begin is has yet to be known but it has been said that a fully functional monorail system will be running by the end of 2009, the same with the second link. That’s still a long, long time but we must be content with that for now and remain patient. Moreover, hopefully, the Works Ministry will continue to ensure that the Penang Bridge is maintained well – after rumours of a crack made the headlines last year.

This would be a perogative to everyone involved in the construction of the monorail system and the 2nd link to ensure that the quality of the building materials and handiwork is at high standards at all times. By all means keep the cost low, but NOT at the expense of quality and safety! 

Hopefully, things will all go smoothly for Penang, which I still fondly call as my home state. I may have lived in Kuala Lumpur for almost my entire life, but I still have very fond memories of my early childhood in Penang. I want nothing more than to see my state experience an economic boom that is so great that it will rival Selangor as one of Malaysia’s most developed states.

Indeed, the future is tremendously bright for Penang and we must give our government every inch of our support and contribute as much as we can to make Penang the best place in Malaysia to live, to visit and to do business in. PENANG BOLEH!


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