I have a confession to make…

Thanks to MPH's 100 hour sale… I am officially RM104.69 poorer.*whimpers*

Yep, I went on another book-shopping craze again yesterday, swooping down on MPH 1 Utama to take advantage of their centennial celebration sale and to exercise my MPH Reader's Circle membership benefits. And I was certainly very delighted with the haul I managed yesterday. Plus, I got a nice free mug in exchange for spending RM100 above in a single receipt and also managed to get free membership renewal of my MRC card. It was a good day yesterday, on top of watching an excellent movie. 

And it seems I might go again before the sale is over as I am looking into getting an interesting classic story by Joseph Conrad that I saw on the shelf. It was The Secret Agent if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, that's it… I remember feeling conflicted, trying to decide whether I ought to get Conrad's or opt for Peacemaker Kurogane No.1 manga. In the end, Peacemaker won the battle.

Other books that I got yesterday were Anthony Horowitz's 6th book in his popular Alex Rider series, Ark Angel, Whitbread Award Winner The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time by Mark Haddon and Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce whose novel has just recently been adapted into a movie. Looks like I got all male authors this time around.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

With my semester winding to a close, I am looking at two weeks of pure bliss as I am planning to drown myself in books for the entire two-weeks worth of break time. I have yet to complete four books, besides the four I had just recently bought. Which means I have a total of eight books to complete, if I did not decide to add more to the pile in the days to come…

Eeep…I think I've got chronic book buying disease!! Somebody stop me!!! XD XD

Boy, I'm definitely on a roll…


  1. Want so many books. Listing them on blog.

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