Pothole Nightmare

I have a serious bone to pick with our Works Minister.

Just what kind of tar is he using to tar our roads?? To be more accurate, just what kind of poeple is the Works Ministry hiring? Not less than a week after the workers finish tarring the road and filling the potholes, the holes has begun to reappear along the stretch of road in front of Kelana Square and the road leading into Jalan SS7/19!

And that has caused considerable damage to my poor two year old Honda City car (which I christened Streaker). Took the car for a routine check up today, only to have the mechanic being shocked to feel why my car is being unstable. They put the car into a lifting contraption and lifted the car to check the bottom. They found that oil was leaking from the two back wheels and some nuts and bolts have turned loose – an indication of the hazards of driving on severely pot-holed roads. RM320 worth of repairs later, my mechanic warned me that its better to steer clear of holes and try to avoid them if possible. If I know of a pot-holed road, I should find an alternative way instead of using that poorly maintained road.

I drove home all the way cursing Samy Vellu for his men’s poor, poor work and maintenance of our roads. If he doesn’t repair the roads anytime soon, I will lodge a complain! Hmph!! 😡


  1. Sora

    I believe you’ll discover that you’re “preaching to the choir” on this one. I can fully relate to your dilemma. One of the reasons I got my new (new 2 years ago that is) Camry with alloy wheels is because I was informed (MIS-informed as it turns out) that alloy wheels were tougher than wheels of the standard material. Well, it took an average sized pothole to disprove that information. A bent rim and cracked spoke came from a pothole “repaired” only days earlier with what apparently is the same sub-standard tar/asphalt being used in your part of the world. The highway department’s frugality cost me $350 for a wheel with which I can do nothing once I find sturdier replacements.

    It’s costs like this and gas prices that make one want to take up cycling for their primary transportation. If it wasn’t for the 14 mile trek to work, I would.

  2. Ouch, Sora! I could hardly believe that you went through the same predicament as mine! And your $350 a pop is like a thousand ringgit here! Oh my gawd… if potholes cause such amount of damage to my car, I have every right to sue the dang government for their sub-standard maintenance and service!

    And the US is supposed to be more advanced than my country – who would’ve thought that we’re in the same boat together?? Gah… that’s local government for you…trying to save costs at the expense of the people…!

  3. Ouch! You too? I’m starting to think that i should take the longer way to work because of the potholes.

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