Yay!! I have ASTRO TV at last!!

And you know what this means though… time to summon all my strength to exercise self-restraint so that I do not fall into the debilitating disease that is couch potatotitis! XD (for my readers from overseas: ASTRO is our Malaysian satellite TV provider)
*rubs hands with glee* Boy, I can’t wait for the C.S.I marathon this coming Sunday night. Well, there goes the weekends for me! Hmmm, perhaps this could be dear old mum’s way to keep me at home at nights… Not that I’m complaining though – less nights out = more money saved! ^_^

I have most of all the channels except the news channels and the cartoon channels. That adds up to RM114.50 service fees every month and it’s quite worth it in my opinion. My mum is pretty happy with all her Chinese channels, so no complains there. Of course, I’m footing the bill so my have a little bit more to cut from my monthly salary.

At the moment, my mum is sustaining us with our family savings which my father had left for us while I settle all the bills such as maintenance fees of my condominium, internet bill, handphone bill of both my mum’s and I, and all the utility bills such as water, electricity and telephone charges. I estimate that I would have to set aside roughly RM500 to settle everything, leaving me enough for savings and a bit for leisure spending.

I have it all figured out. I’m gonna exercise caution with my money from now on. Things are not looking bright and easy anymore now that things are becoming more expensive by the day, what with the recent 30 sen fuel price increase. The government did what they have to do and I have no complains with that. As long as the billions they saved on subsidies are spent and managed wisely, that’s good enough for me. Also, not to forget that the government continue to be more transparent and continue its efforts to stamp out corruption in the civil service.

Well, my mid-semester exams next week. Better go study now since I have a full day tomorrow and Saturday, including helping Tiara out with an AWAM event in conjunction with the World Women’s Day. Look out for further reports here! ^_^


  1. Samster

    Yay for practical sense and budgeting! Have fun at the AWAM event.

    Cool! Since you’ve got Astro, you can check out the cool stuff. Famlly Law on Tuesday night, judging Amy on THursday night at 10-ish on Hallmark.

    Ooh! And the Nanny airing every weekday at 2.00, 6.30 and 12.15 pm.

    All the best!! 😀

  2. Oh yeah, I know all about the programs already and am having so much fun catching up on so many programs, including so many new programs I’d never known!

    It’s always, always ALWAYS important to budget and manage our finances to ensure we don’t overspend and end up with lots of debts and trouble. Save for a rainy day, my momma always say! XD XD

  3. Hi, Philip. “ASTRO TV”, huh? That that Japanese all-“AstroBoy”-cartoons/all-the-time station, right? :p
    Just kidding! Nice to hear you’ve got satellite tv and are in a condo. Bye for now.

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