Joshua’s recovered sufficiently

I ought to let you all know that my nephew Joshua, who was down the past whole week or so with the HFM disease, has recuperated sufficiently for him to go to school, although there’s a little debate going on between my mom and my sister over the wisdom of such a move.

My mom said that Joshua should have stayed a few days at home longer to ensure he has really made full recovery. She thinks that that way, it will minimise chances of him getting reinfected by the disease and also spread the disease to other kids.

However, I understand why my sister wanted Joshua to go to school anyways, but I don’t necessarily agree with her that it’s the right move. Joshua’s school is having their first term exam and he had already missed a couple of exams last week and my sister don’t want him to miss out on anymore. Regardless of whether Joshua is in a good condition or not, she decided to take the risk and ensure that Joshua at least did his exams instead of being forfeited, which would inadvertently affect his final position at the end of the year.

So, who is right and who is wrong. I told my mom to just forget about the whole thing and let the matter drop. My sister is already an adult and a mother and she would know what’s best for her kids. Like I said, I’m on a neutral position, rather not take sides as it’ll prolong my life a little longer… XD

Meanwhile, my niece is still down. Doctors have confirmed that her condition was not as serious as her brother’s. So that’s at least another piece of good news. Can’t for all this to blow over…what an emotional toll it has taken on all of us in the family!


  1. Samster

    Glad to see things have gone for the better. Go, Philip, GO!!! WOOT!!!! Same with Emma and Joshua!! *tons of that pink cheerleader icon you saw on MSN*!!!

    P.S. Lemme guess, you were typing reports on the Oscars with your laptop in the living room, weren’t you?

  2. My Samster! How smart are you to figure it all out! XD XD
    And keep up the steady flow of encuragements, please! It’s doing wonders to my mood, thank you very much! XD

  3. Sora

    So good to hear some good news concerning the relatives. I’d err on the side of caution, if it were up to me, and keep him out a few more days, to let him get more of his strength back. But your sister makes a valid point also. I’m not sure how HFM works, but is reinfection possible? I’m assuming there would be antibodies in his system, like what happens with chicken pox, that would prevent illness from recurring. All I know about HFM is what I’ve read here.

    As you pointed out, the decision IS up to your sister, much to the shagrine of your mother, I’m sure. Returning to school wouldn’t even be a consideration were there any concern that his health would be adversely affected. Honestly, my concern would be over my child’s health rather than schoolwork; better to be a little behind in scholastic endeavors than endangering your child’s health…but that’s just MY opinion.

    With all that said, I’m still wishing for a speedy recovery for all concerned.

    ^_^ >HUGZ

  4. Hi there, Philip. I’m very glad to hear that your nephew’s apparently recovered and that your
    neice isn’t as badly affected as your nephew was. That’s great news. I’m also glad to hear that
    you’re in a better mood without you having to resort to those multiple beers that you were drinking
    last time. 🙂 Hugs from me to you.

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