Analysis: Pretty much a dull, clean affair…Nothing memorable

I really don’t have much to say about this year’s Oscars except that it has been a very clean, controversial-less show.

In one word: boring.

John Stewart tries to do exactly the opposite of what last year’s Chris Rock would have done. Last year, we had hoped that Chris Rock would deliver some memorable controversies but no, of course not, he had to tame down. Stewart, on the other hand, also made it safe by going by the book, by the rules. His jokes are not at all really interesting nor is it laugh-worthy. His opening address has to be one of the dullest in the history of the awards. He doesn’t seem really comfortable at all and it took quite a while for him to actually settle down. Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg are still the most entertaining hosts I have known and it would be good if they get them back for the future editions.

But please, oh please for the sake of GOD…. DON”T EVER BRING BACK ANOTHER TALK SHOW HOST!!!

I would also like to see either Ben Stiller or Robin Williams take charge of hosting the Oscars, they would certainly have made it fun. But no talk show host, ever! If another talk show host takes over again next year, I am so not tuning in!

Of the whole show, I only liked the acceptance speech by George Clooney when he recieved the award for Supporting Actor, the rest of the winners’ acceptance speeches are rather so-so. There weren’t any memorable antics either! While i did not see the acceptance speeches, I did hear them and I was certainly glad to give them a miss.

The antics of the presenters were much more entertaining I would say, especially Stiller in a green suit when he presents the Best visual Effect award. he was attempting to pay homage to the green screen and had assumed that only his head would “float” as he presents the award. It was really laughable though silly.

Then there’s also Will Ferrel and Steve Carrell’s presentation of the Best Make Up award…the two comics came out with their faces in make up, which added to the hilarity of the situation. Carrell looked funny in his fake eye lashes and Ferrell looked sunburnt with dark brown splotches on his face.

Not to forget, Meryl Streep and another actress, whose name I can’t remember, who presented the honorary award to Robert Altman. Their introduction of the recipient of the Honorary Oscar was really either funny or cringe-worthy, it was a bit of both for me. Nevertheless, they entertained and even gave each other a hug…

This year’s traditional photo montages of past films also included a new one, paying homage to Brokeback Mountain. This particular segment of photo montage comprises of Western films showing cowboys making suggestive remarks and other innuendoes that really got the crowd laughing! That was a stroke of genius I must say, and one of the few moments that was really memorable. The rest of the photo montages were rather forgettable, except for the ones that featured the film people that passed away in the last year. Of course, they did not feature Jack Wild, who died a few days ago before the Oscar night.

Fashion-wise, I don’t think i noted any fashion disasters on the red carpet, save for perhaps Charlize Theron’s hideous black number that has something ghastly resting on her left shoulder. I don’t know why, that dres made me look at Theron with a look of disgust every time she appears on the TV screen. Jennifer Aniston looked gorgeous as ever and so does Will Smith and his lovely wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Another fabulously looking actress has to be Felicity Huffman and Reese Witherspoon. Those two cannot go wrong with their dresses. The forgettable ones has to be Amy Adams’, Queen Latifah’s and Dolly Parton’s. But hey, that’s what you can expect from an ageing country singer, a lound-mouth but respectable black performer and a relatively unknown actress.

All in all, I hope for a much better 79th Annual Academy Awards next year because this year’s is actually a notch lower in quality compared to last year when Chris Rock was hosting. Hopefully, the Academy will wisely go back to either Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg or even Steve Martin and Chris Rock. And maybe Robin Williams or Ben Stiller even…

Well, till next year then…


  1. nice write up! i got bored and wandered off soon after it started
    i agree with your assessment of the bits i saw tho’ i missed charlize theron’s dress
    the jokes were dreadful – not funny at all

  2. Thanks!
    It took me a lot of effort to to actually pay attention to what was going on…
    I can expect the papers are gonna lambast the show tomorrow.

  3. So Jada and Will Smith are planning on doing a medical tv drama I just heard. I can’t see those two doing anything other than movies.

  4. Do you think Brad and Jennifer will ever get back together? I thought they were a pretty nice couple.

  5. Streep was awesome in the Devil Wears Prada. I actually saw it twice and I don’t usually like chick flicks.

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