What a day! Certainly good to keep my mind clear of all worries

It’s Saturday morning and I find it peculiar that Saturdays have such a strange, pleasant hold over me. You could say my feeling about Saturdays is as opposite as Garfield the cat’s hatred for Mondays is…

Which is good…after two days of moaning, groaning, yelling and ranting at no one in particular (and maybe to God if He listens) and sick with worry over my precious nephew and niece, I felt that getting fresh air was in order. After all, I had spent the past two days working from home and had been cooped up in the house. Not exactly healthy was it?

And so, I arranged for a movie date with LesbianHarlequin at GSC 1 Utama. We originally planned to see Pink Panther but upon reaching the cinema, we decided to change our minds after feeling that a Steve Martin show is not really worth our RM8. After much pondering, we were delighted to see that Nanny McPhee was already showing in the cinemas despite the date for it’s release being 9 March. It was RM 20, but it was money well spent! I will provide a little bit of critique about the movie soon…maybe after I watched it a second time, because this movie is worth a second watch… for me anyways! ^_^

After the movie, it was lunchtime and boy, was it really hard for us to decide on what to have. I have a budget of RM30 and Lesbianharlequin has a budget of RM10…which she eventually increased to RM20 after a little bit of complaining from me. :p

In the end, after walking in circles for at least 20minutes, we arrived at the Rainforest section of 1 Utama and I was quite enamoured by the magnificent looking man-made waterfall cascading down the walls down into this koi infested pond. 😀 It was really beautiful to see those white and golden orange Japanese carps swimming around in schools. It has a calming, mesmerising effect on me too. I must say watching those fishes made me forget about the problems in my life, even though it was only for a mere second or so.

So, then.. after that short spot of fish-watching (carp-watching to be more precise)… we turned around and saw this Italian restaurant called Italiannies next to Starbucks and yeah… we settled on that. 🙂 Funny thing was , we were sitting next to the railing in the Starbucks side, and we had to move to the clothed tables before the Italiannies’ waiters can serve us. Which was what we did.

To cut the long story short, well, if you want to know what we had and all that… check out the next post in a week or so (just feeling lazy and tired now… it’s been a long day after all).

Lesbianharlequin and I enjoyed ourselves. It has been a long while since we enjoyed a movie together, the last was probably The Chronicles of Narnia last December. Anyways, with her around, life is never ever dull, so while Samster is not in KL… I guess she’ll do for now as the victim of my merciless teasing and jokes. I never meant any of it of course…it’s all in good fun and I am thankful to have friends that took it all in stride… Great friends I have, oh yes indeed! ^_^

After that, well, Lesbianharlequin and I parted ways. I have to move on to Ampang KL to catch a theatre/musical performance put on by my former students at the international school that I formerly worked for. I will also talk about that in another post in due time… :p

So there you go…a summary of quite a good day for me actually. Only when i come back did my mom started to pour out a bit of her frustration of my sister on me and yes…I got my headache back again thanks to my mom… who seems to be pissed that sister isn’t returning her calls… I suspect that while I was away, mom had been incessantly calling her and asking her how she was and the kids are doing. Don’t blame her for being so worried. I would too if I was in her shoes. If only my sister have patience with her and understand her. After all, after my mom had dropped me off at the station to meet Lesbianharlequin, she had gone to one of those established traditional Chinese medicinal shops to ask for advice regarding the disease and other health ailments, mine included (persistent sinusitis in the morning).

Ah well, it’s not easy being a parent now is it? Thank heavens I am still far, far away from that sort of life. I’m happy being single right now and plan to enjoy my bachelorhood for as much and as long as possible.

So, ta and check back here tomorrow for a new post! ^_^


  1. LOL.

    I find that the best cure for morning sinus is one cup of water before you sleep, and another after you wake up. ^_^

  2. Really?? Now that’s a cure I never knew! And it seemed so simple…but there’s a teeny bit problem… I normally took half a bottle of water before I sleep and the other half after I wake up… Is that too much??

  3. Ok…….. hmmmmmm…….guess I should cut down then? Would that be a full cup or half a cup? XDXD

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