488 kindergartens closed in Sarawak due to HFMD

Oh, dear, it looks the situation has escalated rather drastically… three kids has already died from the disease. And compared with last year’s 270 cases of HFMD in the Jan to Feb period, there were almost 900 over cases of suspected HFMD. And that was in Sarawak alone! How the disease came to be in Johor is a mystery to all of us. But the fact of the matter remains that my nephew and niece are now affected by this disease. This is day 5 for my nephew and day 2 for my niece.

It’s rather puzzling how this could have happened in township areas. Aren’t these places clean and at least disease free what with all the proper sanitation and amenities in place? How could this disease spread so fast? It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Our country was dealing with the bird flu outbreak and now another outbreak is on the verge of happening… Not a very good year 2006, isn’t it?

Sigh, all one could do right now is hope that this would all be over soon and things like this would not happen anymore.


  1. Samster

    One can only hope for the best.

    Sanitation, huh? You forget how sanitized we are. Public toilets are a nightmare, irresponsible people trash the “Denda” for littering signs. Plus since it’s a town, everyone’s in closer proximity.

    Still, on the bright side, chances of survival for HFMD is high if detected early. Here’s still hoping they’ll make it.

    P.S. It’s not Mad Cow Disease, Phil.

  2. I know it is not! But one still fel the shivers if its a disease that could take the lives of your children! Better be safe than sorry.

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