OMG, OMG!!! Spider-man wearing BLACK SUIT!!!

I found this teaser poster of Spider-Man 3 posted online here at Superhero Hype!

If you think that’s Venom… well, you’re wrong! It’s definitely a picture of Tobey Maguire @ Spider-Man wearing the black Spider suit. For those not familiar with the comics, Spider-Man dons the black suit, which is actually an alien symbiote that attaches itself to its host, for quite a while in the comics series after he decided his old original blue and red one is past it.

However, several issues later, he discovers that the alien symbiote begins to try and control him more and more and he had to ask Reed Richards @ Mr Fantastic of Fantastic Four to help remove the alien symbiote using, if I’m not mistaken… sonic sound waves. The alien symbiote eventually detached itself from Spider-Man…only to find a new host in Eddie Brock (who will be played by Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3) who becomes Spider-Man’s greatest arch-enemy… VENOM!

How the actual Spider-Man 3 storyline would be is still a bit shadowy and since it’ll be released in 2007 – still a year to go – I’d say we won’t know much about it for now except that it is confirmed that Eddie Brock will transform into Venom as the 2nd villain in the movie (Thomas Haden Church will be the main villain The Sandman and James Franco continues to thirst for vengeance against Spider-Man as Harry Osborn). Other than that, we’ll just have to wait for the trailer!

Here are some extra links to know more about the movie including the homepage itself:

Spider-Man Official Homepage (where the poster was originally released most likely) – interesting debates at the forum among fans over the black suit, some think it’s a red herring, but it’s anybody’s guess.

What has to say about Spider-Man 3


  1. The Fantastic Four movie with Jessica Alba really was a let down for me. I loved the cartoon as a kid, but the remake pretty much just sucked.

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