Hmph! Indonesia is showing “Brokeback Mountain”!

Exactly, you read that right!

Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest population of Muslims and has been popular for a lot of strict Muslim rules and regulations, is releasing Brokeback Mountain this week in their country… while here in Malaysia, passionate filmgoers and ardent movie fans are still in the dark over whether the controversial movie will ever see be screened.

I cannot believe my ears…or my eyes (this piece of info was conveyed through MSN chat by a friend of Indonesia) when I got to know about it. How unfair! A gay-themed movie is allowed to be screen in a country where it can be considered as strictly Islamic and yet, here in Malaysia… we profess to be a “secular” Islamic country but still gay movies seemed to be a no-no!

The unjustice of it all!

I could not but feel a deep sense of hatred for this country’s incredibly stupid old foggies in charge of the Film Censorship Board! If they actually think that this film is gonna turn every guy who enters the cinema to turn into homosexual beings who suddenly feel inspired to profess their one true love to a guy… I sincerely could not help but feel an intense pity for these old farts. They are seriously undermining and underestimating the intelligence of the public.  Ed: Thanks, Bibliobibuli for letting me know that it was the distributors who decided not to bring it in. I still feel that it was somewhat the Film Censorship Board’s fault that we don’t get to see a wonderful story told on film. But…I stress the but here…the BOOK is out, so i guess it’s not a complete lost.

What are not children! We are grown ups, HELLO!!! We have our own minds and you certainly cannot TELL us what we can see or cannot see in the cinemas! But banning Brokeback Mountain this is a sign that the country has not much faith in its public! If that is the case, we the public then have every right to loathe these people who are in charged of the Fim Censorship Board!

Ugh, and don’t blame us if we get this movie from the pirates! Go blame the narrow-minded old farts sitting at the panel of the Fim Cesorship Board of Malaysia… in fact… blame our Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin!

I’m seriously fed up…think I’ll just pout and go to bed now…Hmph!


  1. film censorship board has nothing to do with it – distributors chose not to risk bringing it in …

  2. Is this true?? I must have missed it in the news… Going by the record of the Film Censorship Board… I just regarded that it was them that made the distributors decide not to bring it in.

  3. Samster

    Hmm… Controversial indeed and perhaps the first of its kind to make it to the international big screen.

    However, my friends watched it on DvD and I think they’re kinda traumatized now. 😛

  4. Brokeback Mountain was not shown in Malaysia. But for your information, the following gay themed films were –

    Farewell My Concubine
    The Wedding Banquet

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