An exemplary person who personifies the fact that A’s don’t really matter!

Who is this person, you must be wondering?

Here’s an acquaintance of mine whom I have very much respect for everything that she’s achieved so far. I’m far from jealous of her good fortune but instead, immensely proud that there is someone here who is going against the tide of senseless pursuit for A’s. I wish that i had the same sense as she did but having been grown up with traditional Chinese parents, I pretty much did not have much say about how I want my life to be.

After SPM, i was simply packed off to LimKokWing Institute of Creative Technology (now LimKokWing University College of Creative Technology) to pursue what I thought would be my “dream” degree – Mass Communication. After slogging and labouring for four years of immensely tough years, I finally graduated with a degree. Up until the point of my graduation, my parents utterly refused to allow me to work, prefering me to concentrate on passing exams and assignments on time.

If only I had much more sense to just come out and market myself more, i would probably be doing something significant today. Of course, right now, I am doing what I like most, which is writing, but I’ve always felt sorry for the chances missed and opportunities that had slipped from my grasps. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to go abroad in a student exchange programme? Who wouldn’t want to achieve some measure of success before they even reach 25?

Ah well… I guess not everybody’s as lucky as this friend of mine here. She has my respect and my full support! Big round of applause to EducateDeviate for her article that was printed in today’s The Star’s Education section, page 9. It details her experiences and her achievements despite not having straight A’s or a full degree. It’s all about self-confidence, effort, perseverance and most of all, as mentioned in the article, it’s YOUR ATTITUDE!.

I hope that the people who read this article will have their perceptions changed and realise that there’s more to life than just A’s!


  1. I made it a point to work during the holidays, telling my parents that it was for my resume. So far, so good. ^_^

  2. awh! 😀

    call me Tiara. XD

  3. Naoko – Sheesh… lucky you! 😀

    Tiara – No probs! XD

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