Wheeeeee…..!!! Books, books and more books GALORE!!!

Oh yes, oh yes indeed! I’ve gone crazy, ga-ga over books! It was certainly, incredibly WONDERFULLY great to be an MPH Reader’s Circle member! The savings we got to enjoy before all others was simply hard to resist! There were certainly a lot of great book bargains!

In fact, I bought 6 Penguin 60’s mini books by legendary literary lights such as Robert Frost, Dorothy Parker, Joseph Conrad, Oscar Wilde, William Blake and J.M. Barrie. There were more from Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Gogol, Edgar Allen Poe, Rudyard Kipling and many more… I did not bring enough money to get all of them. But nevertheless, I came away from MPH’s stock clearance sale with rather a large hole in my pocket.

Together with Naoko-chan, we purchased a grand total of RM159.24 worth of books after discount! I have not felt so delighted with the book haul that I got than today. 3 Neil Gaiman books to add to the one that I purchased two days ago – the comic The Books of Magic (RM79.90). So on this week alone, I’ve actually forked out a record total of RM239.14 worth of books! Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately, however, I don’t think I’ve got much space left to keep anymore books!! Time to raid Ikea for more shelves, LOL!

Now that I’ve bought them, comes the arduous but thrilling journey of actually reading them, hahaha! Whether I do read each and every book I got from cover to cover, page by page, is a whole different matter altogether! LOL! Hey, when you’ve got great bargains, it’s simply hard to resist and mind you, these are really good books that I got. each of the writers are masters o their craft and if I ever want to be a good writer some day, no matter how tough a book is to read, I will have to read it to expand and broaden my horizons! Woot!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me… i think I’ll hide away from the world for these couple of days and hole up in my room to devour my new books! Of course, I am certainly not going to cut myself out of the world, my mobile’s always on so if you’re concern of my well-being or my sanity…drop me a line… ^_^


The above are cover scans of the four books by Neil Gaiman that I had purchased this week alone. Just halfway through The Books of Magic.



  1. you’re one after my own heart …

  2. Christopher Kordiak

    If you need a good book, and you like science fiction, I would strongly recommend Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. I picked this book up and overnight Heinlein became my favorite author.

  3. That’s really cool! I’ll keep an eye out for Heinlein. I do love sci-fi stories – Orson Scott Card is one of my faves followed by H.G. Wells.

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