No longer working for FACES Magazine

Greetings everyone…

This is to officially announce that I will no longer be a part of FACES Magazine from March onwards. I had a wonderful six months worth of experience writing for the magazine and despite the short stint, I have made firm friendship and even earned the trust of my former editor, who was forced to resign unceremoniously because of some major disagreements with the parent company that owned the magazine. I will not say any further as it is not my place to comment on what happened.

Nevertheless, I am moving on to a new venture, still involved in the writing business but utilising the best medium… the Internet. So, check back to this blog for updates and the unveiling of my new work commitments!


  1. Samster

    All the best, Phil, whatever happens. As long as it doesn’t involve mass deception or murder, all the best. 😀


  2. All the best in your future undertakings. =)

  3. Sam: Thanks for the wish Sam! I’ll certainly do the best i can in anything. Must look on the bright side of things and be optimistic always.

    John Ling: Hey there John! So nice of you to drop by here. Hope all is well with you. Yeah, I’m hoping that this new ship I’m embarking on will be smooth-sailing this time. Had my fair share of rocky rides these past couple of years.

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