Let’s spare a thought for the Filipino landslide victims

It is indeed a terrible, terrible tragedy. An entire village wiped out… buried under tonnes of mud, dirt and other muck. The newspapers describe the scene of the landslide tragedy at Southern Leyte to be one of the most horrible they’ve even seen in The Philippines. Indeed, according to one paper, it is as if in mere seconds the entire area seemed to have been turned into one huge unmarked grave site for the thousands of people still missing are considered to be virtually dead, and many could be elementary school children and their teachers.

I’d give everything I could to be a part of the rescue mission to help there. It pains me that I am helpless to these people who needed the reaffirmation of their faith. What can they do now but to do so. To lose faith is to lose hope and to lose hope is to lose the will to live. I could only pray that God be merciful upon our Filipino brethren and sisters who are going through unimaginable suffering. May peace be upon them.

Who could have foretold that such catastrophe would happen? An entire mountain had literally fell upon their heads of these unsuspecting people as they go about their daily rituals. Hundreds of health workers were at a ceremony celebrating their service at an elementary school. Happily joining in the fun with the hundreds of school children as well. Indeed, who could’ve thought that in mere moments, their lives would forever be extinguished.

This tragedy only serves to remind us that we are not the author of our fate. We did not predetermine that this tragedy would happen. The fragility of humankind is so very telling in the battle against Mother Nature and God. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Hurricanes. Volcanoes. Landslides. Potent weapons at the disposal of Mother Nature. These are the REAL weapons of mass destruction. A certain nation recently wrecked by hurricanes would do well to take heed of that.

All I am saying is there time and time again we are constantly reminded that we are not the boss of this world. How we live and how we want the world to be…yes, we can do that but in the end, it’s still the powers that be that holds sway over us. I find it simply ridiculous that we humans constantly plot to kill one another, nations go against nations…but is it all worth it? In the face of such onslaught of natural disasters in recent years, I do not think so. More people have perished in the 2004 tsunami than those in the two Gulf Wars and the Balkan Wars combined.

For once, why can’t we give life and peace and harmony a chance??


  1. Samster

    Because humanity has a chance at evil, and sadly, more often than not, for reasons understandable to all or none, they choose destruction and annilihation believing it to be a noble cause. *shrugs*

    It would be nice if we could all disagree agreeably and be willing to listen to adverse opinions. Tolerance is not necessarily acceptance after all.

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