Pictures!!! Of yesterday’s meet…

Ok… so most of the pictures are of food, but how can I resist taking a few practice shots of the food laid out before us? I wasn’t disappointed by the Japanese food at all in the Arena food court of Jusco 1 Utama (which was Japanese Soba). Pretty filling and the sushi selection wasn’t at all that bad too. I would rate what I had, which was the Chicken Katsu (RM8.90) and the Sushi selection (RM4.90), at B+ and B respectively. How would Naoko rate her Zaru Soba? I wouldn’t know but she did mentioned that it was a tad salty but was tasty to her. Anyways, here are the photos…

My Chicken Katsu (RM8.90) Looks good, doesn't it? ^_^

A closer look at the Chicken Katsu

Naoko-chan's Zaru Soba...

Captured by Naoko-chan, this is Jinja showing us photos of his work in Cambodia while we lunched..

The Sushi Selection!!! (RM4.90) The two brown ones on the left were delicious!

This is Naoko-chan acting silly with the scarf Jinja gave us as souvenir

And this is me... self-gratuitiously taken

Next, after 1 Utama, we adjourned to Vivo’s at The Curve, which was not more than 15 minutes drive away from 1 Utama. The thing is, as I told you in the last post, we were at The Curve for about 30 to 40 minutes, walking round and round before settling for Vivo’s. Here’s what Naoko-chan and I had…

I had the Baked Salmon Spaghetti with Creamy Sauce (not the exact name) and it tasted real fine. The salmon was well-cooked, soft...instantly melts in your mouth. The sauce wasn't that creamy, but it suited the salmon and spaghetti well. An A-!!

Naoko-chan had the Solo Pizza, basically 7inches cut into 4 slices. Looks good, not sure how it'll fare against my faves at Pizza Hut

Well, there you have it! Yesterday had to be the most fun I had in the last month or so. Kudos to Naoko-chan for inviting me and setting it up! ^_^

  1. All to eat my wife screamed. funny comic strip An arrangement. Inside, elaine said, elaine went up.

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