Valentine’s Day…Blah, blah, blah!

Don’t you just hate it when nothing comes to your head as you struggle to write something?

I have been staring at my computer screen for an hour thinking of an update and nothing comes to mind except for that lame boy-joke… Geez, I really hate it when my mind is all shut-out and shut-down.

Oh well, tonight’s Chap Goh Meh (and also the Chinese version of Valentine’s) and the ladies are probably seeking a bridge (or the sea if they live near one) to throw their kum (mandarin oranges) into the water as they wished to the full moon for a dashing, rich man to sweep them off their feet while the men are busy stalking in the water (or in boats) fishing out the kums hoping that the one they fished out contains the phone number of a hot, sexy girl.

And what am I doing? Typing an entry on my blog. Sad? Far from it.

Despite all the societal pressure, family pressure and parental pressure… marriage is still far from my mind. Nor do I actually plan to marriage at all. Today’s generation is changing, a man and a woman doesn’t have to be married to seal their love for all eternity nor do they have to be married before they could live together in the same house. If, in the unlikely case of me finding a girl attractive or a girl interested in mua (me), I’ll just simply hope she’s as open minded as I am when it comes to views about marriage.

Yep, another year of singlehood stretches ahead of me and after last year’s mild-hearted attempt of wooing a girl who likes another person who’s younger than her and of spinning tales of assurance to my mother that I do have a few “targets” in mind, the urge to get hooked and hitched is the last thing I want to do.

Unless of course, my mother thinks otherwise and starts contemplating the tradition of match-making!!! *shivers in absolute terror!*

God, who said St. Valentine meant only couples and the marrieds deserve to celebrate the day of love while we singles mope about the sad state of singlehood? Does love have to encompass “romantic” love?

I think not. I subscribe to C.S. Lewis’ interpretation of Love = caring and acceptance for another person (s) that encompasses family love (storge), brotherly or friendship love (phileo), romantic or sexual love reserved for that “special someone” (eros) and last, and the most powerful love of all – unconditional and compassionate love (agape).

In a sense, Valentine’s Day, the special day set aside for the celebration of love, should encompass all the loves we have in this world. And I am thankful that for this Valentine’s Day, I will not have to spend it by myself for the first time in 7 years for I have a great company of friends and acquaintances to share it with.

I am certainly going to be more appreciative for the caring and loving nature of my friends, my family members and the most powerful ability of all – the ability to LOVE!

So, give someone a BIG HUG this Valentine’s Day and say I THANK YOU THAT YOU LOVE ME AND KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU TOO and really mean it when you say it!

So, have a……………. folks!!


  1. Sora

    I’ve long believed that the Valentine’s Day that we know today is just an occasion to give cards, flowers and candy, propogated by the greeting card, florist and confectioners industries respectively.

    But why on February 14th, and ONLY February 14th? One of Celine Dion’s Christmas songs is titled ‘Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day’; that philosophy applies here too. Show your love everyday…better still, BE the love, because I truly believe that love attracts love, and wouldn’t you rather deal with love than hate?

  2. Indeed, sora-kun, that we should always, ALWAYS celebrate love everyday, and every moment of our lives. I believe that if the world shares the same ideals as we do, it would have certainly been a much more peacful place to be. Alas, it’s not to be and therefore, it is up to us all to spread such love around – through compassion, through charity and through kindness.

    I do believe though, that in years to come, people will soon tire of hating and will embrace peace and love as we were all meant to do.

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