The 48th Grammy Awards Night

While I am generally not as excited about musical awards than I am with mvoe awards, nevertheless, I found myself sitting in front of my TV last night to catch the delayed telecast of the biggest musical awards show – the 48th Annual Grammy Awards – shown over 8TV.

Granted, I started out late, so unfortunately, I missed out on watching the much-awaited opening performance by toon band Gorillaz with the still-hot looking dance queen Madonna. However, after the show was over, I did manage to see the opening performance at

Most of you would’ve got the lowdown on who won what and what happened on the night, so I will not go into that since you can get it in the media and all over the Net.

I just want to gush about how happy I am that some of my favourites of the year were deservedly awarded with the gold grammaphone trophies. I am undoubtedly happy the punk rock band Green Day won three, including Record of the Year for my favourite song of theirs of last year: Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Then, there’s also Kelly Clarkson, winner of the first edition of American Idol who bagged two awards including Best Pop Female Vocal Song for Since U Been Gone.

That’s pretty much all that I hoped really. Though my other favourites like Gwen Stefani didn’t win and I don’t know if the Black Eyed Peas won any, I am still glad that 50 Cent was shut out. If there’s one person who should never ever deserve a single award recognition, it would be that sorry piece of thuggery known as 50 Cent. Far from being a musical genius, all his records are nothing but a waste of time and contributes to worse noise pollution than the loudest metal rock band. Plus, he’s simply a terrible influence to the young and is simply giving the rap/hip-hop genre bad, bad image. At least Jay-Z, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas and Linkin’ Park are giving the rap/hip-hop genre a much needed positive uplift.

Performance wise, I thought Mariah Carey came back really strong and really gave it her all when she delivered her mega-comback hit We Belong Together and it was indeed sad that she didn’t Song of the Year for that. In fact, I think she was expected to win that the technicians had cued to play her song the moment the winner was announced. Unexpectedly, she didn’t win but Irish rockers U2 did, but We Belong Together came on much too U2 frontman Bono’s incredulity before their song Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own was hastily put on. For me, that was a short moment of hilarity in an otherwise dull awards affair. Even the out-of-this-world appearance of Sly Stone, complete with a giant blonde mohawk and silver-purple suit failed to lift the momentum for me. Jamie Foxx and Kanye West’s performnce of Gold Digger was certainly grand and colourful but is lacking in quality showmanship… no thanks in part of Foxx for allowing his more musically talented partner to upstage him.

I think I’ll just give the Grammys a past next year. No point staying awake for such colourless affair. Which is one reason why I never much liked music and musical awards shows. You can say I am more of a visual person instead of an audio person. That’s most likely why I am more inclined to have more fun and more excited about movies and movie awards. That said… can’t wait for the Oscars to begin in less than a month!


  1. Samster

    I wish I could see the Dove Awards. I’m sure it would be fun!!!

    P.S. THE VISITATION IS OUT!!!! WOOOOTTTT!!!!!!! I’m bugging my dad to order it.

  2. OMG!!! Wow, that’s really awesome! Hope it comes out great! Let me know once you got it! or if you could…maybe get one for me too! LoL!

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