Thursday Quote of the Day!

In light of recent international events that were hogging the headlines, I have decided that this quote used by Martin Khor in his column ‘Global Trends’ in the Sunday issue of The Star on the abuse of press freedom – An Abuse of Press Freedom (link is legit for only 30 days, after which it will be removed from The Star archives).

The quote was not attributed to anyone but it provides an apt definition of freedom of speech & press freedom:

 “The freedom of your arm to swing around ends at the point where it touches my nose.” 

What does this quote means? Simply, it means that you cannot claim your right to freedom of speech or the press the moment it has hurt/offend someone. Which I agree wholeheartedly and should be taught to all journalism students everywhere.

Throughout history, there has never been total press freedom, ever. Period. It’s about time the idealistic media in the world wake up to this fact of life.


  1. Samster


    Well, that and true objectivism does not really exist. But if we fear offending people, how do we change the world?

  2. I will leave that to pondering thinkers like you who seemed to have plenty of time in their to make such intelligent, in-depth observations… *rolls eyes*

  3. *Pokes both of you*

    Freedom is to be savoured. Not to be gobbled up like children, but to be shared so that everyone realises what it is for. The portion may be small, but at least you’re getting some.

    I really wish people would think before they insert their foot into their mouths.

  4. And I do not mean you guys. ^_^

  5. Heh, with the way things are going in the West… especially the US… you’d think they are handing out ‘freedom sweets’ or dangling them temptingly to the oppressed people of certain foreign governments in the Middle East as well as Asia.

  6. Samster

    What was is it Fish said? No such thing as “freedom of speech”? Everyone pulls out that card everytime they want to justify something they said, liberal or conservative alike.

  7. Errr… Fish? Who’s Fish??

    Indeed, everyone hides behind the veil of “freedom of speech” when they want to justify something that was said, irregardless of whether the comment was made to hurt, injure or to degrade.

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