Meaning of my name…. Who’d knew?? -__-

I should thank Mistress Naoko Kensaku… the ever high person… for leading me to this decidedly wacky Quizgalaxy quiz… I mean who’d knew when I picked the screen name Eternal Wanderer that I’d be an adjective meaning… are you ready for it?

“Pretentiously Academian”

Yep, exactly that. Have I always sounded pretentiously academic in my posts? *Shrugs* Well, I always try to be as smart and intelligent as I can be but… being called pretentiously academian… really hits below the belt. ^_^

But hey, what’s in a name anyways, right? LOL

Eternal Wanderer —

Pretentiously academian

‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at


  1. i can’t imagine you not being smart. You are sharp as a whip, which can be wrong if put in the wrong context.Lol. What did you just do anyway? How does this invitation thing work and what’s this blog roll about?

  2. Why thank you for that little bit of compliment. I’ll pretend that I didn’t see that remark about me being sharp as a whip, though…

    It’s rather easy actually. By virtua of being my guest writer, you are able to contribute to my blog in case of emergencies when I am away or unable to update my blog for a substantial period. The Blog roll is simply your collection of favourite blogs that you want people to visit or you want to be in contact with.

    It’s all pretty simple actually.

  3. Indeed, I see. Well it’s pretty much it then I suppose. have you dropped by mine yet? Lol. Just wondering.What have you been doing aside from watching TV and updating your blog? I have been wondering about how to finish my assignments and stuff. So I guess the weekend meet’s a no-no..huh.

  4. *Does nothing but falls over laughing*

  5. *Does nothing but thwaps Naoko over the back of the head and pouts indignantly*

  6. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. Valda Basara

    Similarly, for not so advanced college students, it could serve
    with out which they can’t perform any mathematical operation .

    The humanistic aspect of mathematics has been explored for a few years
    by the online British journal plus — out there here.

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