Parking at PJ State’s a Health Hazard

“Finding a parking space at PJ State is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack!” said Mother.

“The joy of finding a parking space at PJ State is like winning a 1st prize lottery!” my Auntie quipped.

The above two statements practically sums up my feelings with regards to the parking spaces available at PJ State area, especially the one near Hong Kong Bank, the National Registration Department and the MPPJ building. A parking is simply so hard to come by that if you do not come by 8.30am or even earlier, chances are you’ll have to wait for at least 30minutes or even more for a parking space. Things turn worse when lunch time approaches.

As I found out today.

I don’t often drive down to PJ State simply because I detest the traffic conditions there and because of the nightmarish parking places. You go round and round in circles for the umpteenth time and still won’t find any parking. So you decide to stop at one spot and wait for someone to leave nearby. You wait and wait and wait and wait until you’re fed up that you decide and go another circle and then, when you move, you look behind at the rear-view mirror and saw someone pulling out from the space where you were before and the driver behind you took the spot. If that doesn’t make you pull out your steering wheel, i don’t know what will.

And what about those people whom you tail in your car, hoping that they will lead you to their car and a parking spot. You follow, and follow and the person simply continues on with nary a look at you. No indication as to whether he or she is going to really move out. It seems some people have a sick tendency of deriving pleasure from misleading people into thinking they are leaving a parking space! Common courtesy dictates that you at least shake your head no to indicate you are not leaving rather than make us drivers follow you! Sadly, such courtesy is unheard off…except in me and my mother. Guess we’re too good for our own good!

Seriously, PJ State simply could not cope with the increased volume of cars on the road nowadays. It is one of the most congested areas I know. There’s simply not enough land gazzetted as a parking lot and therefore, some uncivic-minded people (i’m being polite here. I call them worst things than just being uncivic-minded -_-) resort to double parking and parking behind other parked cars – causing the owners to be trapped and honk for ages before someone comes and drives off to free them.

I am sure many of you share in my opinion and perhaps have experienced such chaotic situations in your trips to PJ State. So here’s a few pointers on how to at least improve the situation:

1. Please carpool with someone you know who is also going down to PJ state. That way, you don’t have add another car on the road in the fight for minimum parking space.

2. Get someone you know with a high-level of patience to go with you so that he or she can help you wait the car while you run around to do your errands. ^_^ In return, belanja that person a well-deserved lunch/dinner next time.

3. Utilise the public transport system. It might burn a little hole in your pocket, but it’ll go a long ways to saving you a trip to the mad house, no thanks to the strain and stress the mind had to endure when it comes to fighting for car park.

4. For those who goes to PJ State to do their banking in the many banks in the area such as Hong Kong Bank, Bumiputra Commerce Bank, Eon Bank, Public Bank and Maybank – most of the things that you can do at the bank can now be done online! So, spare yourself and others the hassle by online banking! If you don’t know how, call up and ask!

Four simple and easy steps to follow. Easy to follow. Hassle free. Until someone invents the anti-gravity vehicle or one that can be shrunk down to size…


  1. I make it a point NEVER to drive to that area. If I have to, I park in the station or somewhere nearby and then walk.

  2. Alas, I would’ve walked too if I weren’t bringing dear old Mum. I fear she’ll definitely black out on me if I were to make her walk. 😦

  3. Samster

    Try this on for size. “Looking for a parking space in PJ is like looking for a white-colored spot in Lim Kok Wing’s house!”

  4. Tsk-tsk! Sam… I don’t want to risk libel suits if Lim kok Wing were to chance upon this blog and read your comment.

    But seriously though, that’s certainly food for thought! LOL

  5. Samster

    *innocently *

    What? I thought ol’ LKW was PROUD of his ol’ ebony home.

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