The Fate of the World Hangs by a Single Thread

It’s what you can only expect from the so-called high and mighty Western civilisation that calls itself Europe. With their latest hare-brained, insensitive debacle… the world can just forget about peace and gear up for the 10th Crusade. Only that it will be the reversed version. Where it was Christians vs. Muslims in past, now it’s Muslims vs. the Christians. If the hardline Islamists have it that way, I have no doubts that that is what will happen if the West doesn’t start to pay more respect to other people’s religion and their beliefs.

The argument that the newspapers have every right to publish the rude caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in the name of freedom of the press simply does not hold water. Does a paper retain its right to freedom of the press if whatever that they printed and published is bound to cause an uproar and result in massive protests worldwide and put themselves and the peace of the world in danger? In my opinion, and in an alternate reality, I would say no.

But we are living in this reality. What’s done has been done and by now, curious folk all over the world would’ve gained access to the offensive cartoons by now thanks to the Internet. Even I did, thanks to Google and Yahoo. While it is funny and may be presenting a point, nevertheless, to Muslims, whose religion dictates that it is utterly blasphemous if anyone depicts any prophets or figures in the Quran in whatever way. This included Nabi Musa (Moses of the Bible) which was why movies like The Ten Commandments was once banned and The Prince of Egypt barred from the cinemas in Malaysia.

The European papers that first published the cartoons…the Danes…must be unfortunately stupid or simply, plain ignorant of the beliefs, religion and feelings of other people. While caricatures of Christian figures has always been a norm, it does not give them the same right to do that to other people’s religions. No amount of apology can repair the damage to Western-Middle East relationships, no thanks to the Danes and their equally reckless and dumb European counterparts who republished the inflammatory cartoons. The peace of the world now hangs precariously by a single thread. Who’s to say that it will not snap in the months to come?

With that said, I must say that I am stupefied to the point of being embarrassed that someone from Malaysia, a Muslim country, felt that it was right to also join the Europeans in the fray. Yes, for those in the know, I am talking about the people across the South China Sea…specifically, the editor of the English daily Sarawak Tribune. The fact that they also published an offensive cartoon on the Prophet in a Muslim country shows that there is still people who felt it is right to belittle and blaspheme the religion of others. Stupidity and idiocy does not even to describe these people at Sarawak Tribune. Their poor lack of judgment shows that they are simply not in tune to the sensitivities of this multi-cultural society that we live in.

Sarawak Tribune, and to all the people of Malaysia…please don’t damage what our former leaders and our forefathers had done to build this country and to bring it to where it is today. Don’t forsake the freedom of the country simply for the sake of freedom for the press. Learn from the tragedies of the racial riots of May 1969 and the Kampung Medan clash several years ago.

That said, the future of the world certainly looks bleak, isn’t it. Where race was a problem in many, many years ago, it is now the matter of religion that is the cause for the strife, anger, hate and animosity that is raging through the world. Is the world’s end around the corner? I pray, for sake of our future generations, that it isn’t so. Despite what we Christians have in the Blessed Hope, I am sure that all of us…deep down… really want to ensure the stability and peace of the Earth. So why do we want to destroy everything that we have worked for simply because of religion?

Please, please wise up, World! In retaliation of the 9/11 attacks, the US struck back at Afghanistan and Iraq. The other side struck back with a spate of bombings around the world… Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and even London.

When is it enough? When will it all stop? Till there’s nothing left for anyone to bomb? Bomb to the extent that there not even a single molecule of life left on Earth? For everybody’s sake, I sure pray and hope not.


  1. Samster

    *shakes head dismally at the stupidity of humankind*

    You know, sometimes I wonder what happened to good ol’ sensible common sense… Regrettably, you know that when peace comes at first, it will not be the best thing in the world. The SECOND peace however will be sublime.

    P.S. I had this weird thought. You don’t suppose they’re purposely doing this to start instigation, do you? *heh-heh* Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GiG has got my conspiracy theory antenna way on high!

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