Well… it was a good day today after all

I would be lieing if I say that I had a good night’s sleep… after chatting with some friends and doing a bit of blog management and arrangement, I turn in for the night at 2.30a.m…. only to wake up 3 and a 1/2 hours later.

The agenda for the day includes rushing to the Subang Immigration Dept to apply for a new passport for my mother. Immigration Depts are simply notorious for their long queues and huge crowds and my mother wanted to avoid all that by departing early from our home by 6.45am. She seemed to have lightened up a bit today despite handing me a severe dressing down the night before but I wasn’t about to enquire the reason for the improvement of her mood. Perhaps it was the thought of finally getting her passport done after all these years.

We made it to the immigration dept by 7.25am and there’s already a sizable queue waiting for the doors to open. Fortunately, after a 15 mins wait, one of the dept’s elderly staff came out with a megaphone and went about managing the people and directing them into different lines of queue. Fortunately, thanks to my mother’s senior citizen status, we were served quickly. I must say that the department has certainly gone through some positive, obvious changes. I am quite happy that there was no hassle nor were there any rude staff. The process took only an hour to complete!

Therefore, I must send out my kudos to the Subang Immigration Dept for their much improved service and efficient employees. Thanks for making my mother significantly happy! ^_^

Things are looking up. She seemed to have forgiven me for my previous day’s oversight and I was feeling quite pleased and relieved too. We went to apply for a Touch ‘N Go card next. This card will be used by me and I will have to return my current one back to Mother. Of course, I have to pay it for myself this time. :-/ 😀

After that, it was breakfast time at Restoran Kwai Sun in SS 14, a place where I had not been too in ages. Will relate more in a separate post under Eating Out.

It was finally off to the bank to enquire about the status of the cheques that I deposited the previous day. Once again, I was quite pleased with the customer service. The answers I received was clear and to the point. The lady certainly knows what she was doing. She told me not to worry as the cheques in the machines are collected at the end of the day and processed the following morning. We should be able to know whether the amount was banked in the next day. She assured me that as long as the envelope’s details are clear enough, it should pose no problems to the staff, though she reminded me tactfully that it is also best to do so.

Mother was satisfied with the answer received and so was I. The matter was solved and all I have to do now was wait with trepidation as we go back to the bank to see if the cheques were processed. Mama mia! 


  1. Well, looks like you had an interesting day there.Well Phillip, I hope we’re still up for the meet. Let me know then.

    cheers! I am glad to see you’re feeling better now. It’s so nice to see you getting up and about again. Remember that your friends care about you.

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